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Fortnite: Where to find the latest challenge posts Week 4

Where to find outposts Fortnite

We go into a new week and Fortnite players know what that means. Season 7 has started with a series of novelties and the weekly challenges sweep as dynamics inside the game.

The challenges of Week 4 have already appeared and one of the most striking players is to assassinate your opponents inside certain specific areas. In this case it is an outpost, so it is worth knowing to perfection in which parts of the map are.

The location of the outposts will allow you to better create your strategy and surprise your opponents in areas that benefit your winnings.

Then we leave a map with the location of these sites, so you can find the outposts without major inconvenience.

Where to find outposts Fortnite
Find Fortnite Outpost

As seen in the image the outpost are very scattered on the map, so it is not very useful to try to get them all in a game. Apparently the best method would be to stay in the location and expect other players to be trying the same.

All you have to do is eliminate them first. We wish you good luck!

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