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Sea of Thieves: More history, a new mission system arrives

Sea of Thieves quest new system

Rare is working on a new mission system, along with more stories and knowledge, for its online game with the theme pirate Sea of Thieves, said creative director Joe Neate a game reactor in a recent interview.

"Sea of Thieves" did not have much narrative when it was first launched in March, and its missions were in large part of the variety "fetch" or "kill". While the open world of the game attracted certain players, Neate admitted that it did not serve those who sought a more guided experience.

Rare has launched a series of free upgrades since its launch, adding some history-based mission lines, and Neate said the team is creating even more for 2019. He is also working on an improved mission system for all that new narrative. The team originally planned to turn it into the fourth game update, said Neate, but has been delayed "because we wanted to add and grow."

"We saw the potential that we really had and wanted to do justice," he said. "So yes, there is a team that is working on it, it has been for quite some time, it will be for a while longer, but I think when we incorporate it into the game it'll attract those people who want that elaborate story, they'll want that." Adventure, I want that story, and it can also be appealing to individual players. "

Meanwhile, Rare is currently working on the fifth free expansion of "Sea of Thieves", a competitive gameplay called the Arena. The update will also introduce a tavern area and a new trading company.

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Sea of Thieves: More history, a new mission system arrives
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