Spore Cheats & Console Commands – Update June 2023

We are the product of an event of chance or we come from an extraterrestrial experiment are just some hypotheses. But, if we explore those theories with all Spore console commands and codes, it would be a very interesting option. Let’s do it!

Spore Console Commands and cheats

Before talking about the Spore console commands, we have to tell you that there is a wide variety of them. Therefore, at HDGamers we set out to divide them according to their characteristics and benefits in the lists that you will see below.

Spore console Commands

These codes will allow you to control some basic aspects of the game such as the size of the interface. Even even the inclusion of other tricks depends on them.

Shows a list of many of the possible console commands
To clear all commands of the console
Captures a spinning GIF of the planet you are on and stores it in the AnimatedAvatarsdirectory.
help (command)
Explains action and usage of a command.
help -full
Shows a list of all the possible console commands
freedom [on/off] or [true/false]
Makes the complexity meter larger, creations that break the limits are not pollinated and cannot be played in-game. This is denoted by a red symbol on their Sporepedia card.
Removes all hints from the game.
SetTime (h, m)
Sets the time of day at the Avatar’s position, and optionally a speed multiplier.
Toggles free camera mode, which allows the player to move and zoom out the camera to ridiculous lengths, even far enough that the entire planet is in view. Usable in Galactic Adventures and the Creature Stage
rename planet new name
Changes all the names of the game planet. Unlike other cheats, there must be a space between “rename” and “planet”, but works with or without quotation marks around the new name. You cannot rename saved games.
rename star new name
Changes the name of the selected star. Unlike other cheats, there must be a space between “rename” and “star”. This cheat can also be used to rename galactic objects, such as Black Holes and Proto-Planetary Disks. The Galactic Core can even be renamed. Your home planet cannot be renamed.
Turns creatures into their blocky representations. To undo, enter the cheat again.
levels -unlock
On the Spore main menu, allows you to unlock every stage for new games, even if you haven’t completed their prerequisite stages.
Exports a 3D mesh of the currently viewed creature in .dae format to the My Spore Creations/Creatures folder. Only in Patch 1.5 and onward.
highresTextureLevel [off/low/medium/high]
Adjusts the quality of the textures of vehicles and buildings

Spore visual Modification Codes

With these Spore codes you will have the ability to modify almost any visual aspect of the game:

stylefilter -none
Change view back to normal
styleFilter -oilPaint
Gives the game an oil painting effect
styleFilter -filmNoir
View game in black & white
styleFilter -microscope
Gives the game a chalkboard-like effect
styleFilter -norainbows
Gives the game a darker, less colorful effect
styleFilter -nextgen
Gives the game a foggy effect

Spore adventure codes and cheats

adventureLook -none
change view back to normal
adventureLook -norainbows
Gives the game a darker, less colorful effect
adventureLook -watercolor
Gives the game a watercolor art effect
adventureLook -sepia
Gives the game an old photograph effect
adventureLook -sixteenbit
Gives the game a blocky appearance, and adds dithering
adventureLook -eightbit
Same as -sixteenbit, however said dithering is more drastic
adventureLook -filmnoir
Gives the game a black & white view and adds imperfections, like old black & white television. And it rains all the time.

Spore adventure codes and cheats

Expired Spore Codes

Fortunately for lovers of Spore and its practical way of exemplifying evolution. All the codes described above continue to work normally.

How to redeem codes for Spore

The last point in this guide on Spore codes is precisely how to activate them.

The truth about this is that it is quite easy since you only have to press the Crtl + Shift + C keys at the same time, which will open the game console. Once there, you can enter all the codes described above.

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