Conan Exiles: Console Commands 2021

History teaches us that the nature of the human race is based on the continual attempt to survive the ever-changing environment around it. But if we are left alone with the technological evolution of the last 200 years, we would be forgetting such an exciting time today that inspires so many stories like the one we live in Conan Exiles where death awaited at every corner in a very natural world. Therefore, to help you survive the harshness of virtual mother nature, HDGamers brings you the Conan Exiles Console Commands .

With them, you will be able to face any threat that tries to destroy the entertainment within each of the servers offered by the game and much more. It will basically give you the power of the Conan Exiles gamer God of Creation.

What are the Conan Exiles Console Commands?

It should be noted that when we talk about Conan Exiles we refer to a survival game where we will start, literally, with a loincloth and our virtual hands in a hostile world.

This is where we will have to explore and collect any number of useful elements . But be careful, since you are not alone and many other players will also want the resources.

Outward: Console Commands 2021

So you need a few tricks to ensure you survive at least one more night. That is why today we bring you the Conan Exiles Console Commands so that you can maximize your skills.

Basically it is a series of codes that will give you access to an almost infinite world of shortcuts and cheats within the game . All this in order to get the most out of the situation and contribute to your victory.

How do I use the Conan Exiles Console Commands?

At this point you will probably feel quite motivated to use the Conan Exiles Console Commands to get through the entire game without problems; Or, to overcome an obstacle that you already have on the way.

In any case, the most important thing you have to master to use these traps is how to open the console. To do this, you have to know if you are in individual mode or if you already belong to a public game. Next, we will leave you the instruction to open the console in each of the cases.

In solo mode

  • Go to the pause menu.
  • Access server settings.
  • Assign administrator permissions.
  • You will see a message saying Administrator permissions granted.
  • Return to the game.
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Now you just have to press the Insert key on your keyboard to open the console that will appear as a dialog box in the lower left corner of the screen where you only have to type each of the Conan Exiles Console Commands that you want to use.

In multiplayer mode

  • Go to the pause menu.
  • Access the server configuration with the administrator password.
  • Assign administrator permissions using this password.
  • You will see a message saying Administrator permissions granted.
  • Return to the game.

Now you just have to press the Insert key on your keyboard to open the console that will appear as a dialog box in the lower left corner of the screen where you only have to type each of the Conan Exiles Console Commands that want to use.

comandos de Conan Exiles

The Conan Exiles Console Commands

After knowing what the Conan Exiles Console Commands are, as well as what you have to do to activate them. The time has come to start navigating the mysterious sea that these tricks make up.

Conan Exiles Console Commands: Administration activation.

We are going to begin our tour of the Conan Exiles Console Commands by trying a couple of fairly practical tricks such as those that will allow you to be a server administrator.


It gives you administrator privileges, allowing you to use administrative commands. It requires an administrator password to be set on the server, adding it in the configuration file.

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Remove administrator privileges.

Conan Exiles Console Commands: Server Management

Once you are the server administrator,use these Conan Exiles Console Commands to manage all the resources and elements of the game to your liking.


  • When enabled it is listed on the FPS server.
  • The number of generated actors.
  • The numbers of player bases (including separate foundations).
  • Total number of building parts (foundations, walls, floors, roofs, etc. possibly includes all places like chests, crafting stations, etc.).
  • The LOD count of the server in the console.


When activated, it displays the list of all available server configurations that you can modify.


Useful for clearing the server event log.

p.clothphysics [Value]

Use it to determine the dynamic speed of movement of the cloth.

r.ShadowQuality (0/1)

It is used to determine the transparency of the shadows.

  • 0: Disable shadows.
  • 1: Default.


Activate it if you want to modify the server settings contained in ServerSettings.ini from within the game.


It shows the current performance of the server, a list of all the players, also toggles the debugging HUD which will show their coordinates, ping and FPS of the server as well as the current coordinates

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Conan Exiles Console Commands: Player Management

With this type of Conan Exiles Console Commands you will be able to keep track of the players who participate in your server.


Use this code to send a message to all online players via a click-to-close pop-up box and players freeze in place until the box is removed.

It can be very damaging to the game.

PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName]

This command allows construction where the building is disabled for the specified player.


Activating this command returns the opposite value, that is, you can enter the players character name to get their Steam name or you can enter the Steam name to get their character name.

You will need to press the tilde key twice to see the output.


By redeeming this code you will list connected players and Steam IDs.

ViewPlayer [PlayerName]

When you open it, you specify a player of your choice.


If you enable it you will be identified.


Commands that make it easy for administrators to move around the server and avoid NPC attacks.


Activate the cloak that makes you invisible to NPCs and they won’t attack you even if you attack them.


Activates the fly mode that allows you to fly.


Enable Ghost mode, which makes you invisible to other players. No collision mode and can pass through objects.

Xcom 2: Console Commands 2021


Activating it makes your character invisible.


Toggle the unlimited sprint mode so you won’t have stamina drain while running.


Activate to Teleport a player to your location.


Open it to Teleport to the coordinates of the surface you are currently looking at.

TeleportPlayer X [float] Y [float] Z [float]

Use it to Teleport to the specified coordinates. For example: If you are teleporting at 100, 50, 25,357, you need to type TeleportPlayer 100 50 25,357.

TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName]

Enable it to Teleport the specified player.


Return to hike mode from Fly or Ghost mode.

comandos de Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Console Commands : Purge Commands

A variety of very useful tricks are those that will allow you to eliminate, in a single blow, all the problems through a general or specific purge.


Use to restore all Clan Purge Gauges.


Activate to reset the purge meters of a single player or clan to zero.


End of purge.


Set the purge meter to max, allowing a purge to start. It does not automatically start a purge.


You can only use it in single player mode.


If you want to fill a clan’s purge meters to the max, you will need to activate it.


Enable it so that the individual player has the purge meter at maximum, allowing the possibility of a purge being done.

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Force a new purge.


Advances the continuous purge to the next wave.


Indicates when when the purge meter is full.

Conan Exiles Console Commands: Extra tips

There is a series of Conan Exiles Console Commands that generate so many game alternatives that it is worth knowing them.

BuildingDestroy xxxx

If you want to destroy the entire building with the ID xxxx as determined above you must activate this command.


Returns construction information.


Damage the NPC or object in your crosshairs by amount or value.


Activating it destroys the target in your crosshairs.

GetFollowerStat xx

If you want to know the attributes of the follower you must be exchanged.


Toggle god mode.

LearnEmote (emote)

Type the chat or long press to open the Emote menu.

LevelFollowerUpTo (#)

To activate it you must place the number of the follower level to level (20 max.).


Grants you administrator privileges.


Remove administrator privileges.

SpawnItem (ItemID) (#)

Generates the specified item in the specified quantity.

Latest recommendations on the Conan Exiles Console Commands

It should be noted that the excessive use of these Conan Exiles Console Commands can cause some problems with your game. That is why we save some general recommendations for the end of this guide.

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In this sense, we recommend that you make a frequent backup of the game to avoid losing the progress you have when an error occurs due to the use of these tricks. It is not common but it is not questioned whether it exists so it is better to be forewarned.

On the other hand, always remember that the maximum recommended number of administrators is 2 for the server. Therefore, uses player tracking to assess their privileges .

To finish with this guide where we went through each of the Conan Exiles Console Commands in a very detailed way; It only remains for us to invite them to live a great adventure. After all, the world is still a hostile place and it is worth practicing our survival skills in a controlled and fun environment.

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