Worlds 2020: DAMWON Gaming destroys DRX and advances to Semifinals

What seemed like the perfect occasion for DRX to take revenge against DAMWON Gaming , ended up being just a confirmation of the high level of the current LCK champion.

With a resounding 3-0, Korea’s seed 1 did not give DRX a single opportunity to get excited about continuing to advance in the League of Legends World Championship and became the first classified to the semifinals of Worlds 2020 .

Didn’t you have the opportunity to watch the games? Here we share with you the most relevant aspects of this best of 5 series and its best plays.

DAMWON Gaming 1 – DRX 0

If the 3 games had one thing in common, it is that they were developed with the slow and calculating style to which the Korean squads have accustomed us over the years.

Little action on the lanes and in the jungle set a fairly slow pace, putting the focus of all movements in the domain of the macro game and the dispute of the objectives present in the Summoner’s Rift .

In this approach, DAMWON showed all his hierarchy and hardly gave DRX a chance to contest the dragons. With clever rotations and flawless initiations led by BeryL , the support of the Korean champion, the game tipped smoothly in favor of DAMWON Gaming.

DAMWON Gaming 2 – DRX 0

The second game started with a DRX much more active, trying to shake off that blow received in the first game . Much more proactive, the seed 2 from Korea continuously took the initiative, although it always found a good response from its rival.

Ghost’s Aphelios seemed to be the main weapon of resistance, preventing gold from soaring in DRX’s favor . Despite this, the first tag team fight was very favorable for the LCK runners-up and it looked like they were heading to tie the series.

However, patience paid off on the opposing team and, thanks to a brilliant performance by Nuguri and his Ornn , DAMWON was able to regain the advantage and sweep in a new group fight.

After this, a snowball that was impossible to reverse was formed and DRX found himself 0-2 against in 36 minutes of play .

DAMWON Gaming 3 – DRX 0

The last game had no major concerns for DAMWON Gaming . Although DRX came out again to harass opposing players, they had no problem reacting and always staying within the game.

Each action of DRX had a clear answer. The effectiveness of the Korean champion was undeniable and again he took advantage of his good distribution on the map to take the lead : good hunts and team fights were the key to this third win.

Once again, Nuguri dressed as MVP and in just 26 minutes of play DAMWON Gaming was installed in the semifinals of this League of Legends World Championship.

The LCK champion awaits a rival between G2 and Gen. G , teams that will meet this Sunday on the last day of these Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals.

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