Fortnitemares: Eat Candy Locations in Fortnite?

Looking the Candy Locations in Fortnite is one of the challenges that is attracting the most attention in this Fortnitemares: Shadow Midas Revenge event, where the rewards are juicy enough to launch head to complete them as soon as possible.

One of the most attractive points of this mission pack is that they will give you much more experience than the weekly challenges usually give you, so you must be vigilant and avoid that the rest of the players take the lead.

The best way to achieve your goals quickly is by knowing the sites where these candies appear in Fortnite , information that we will gladly give you. Pay attention!

Eat Candy in Fortnite

The challenge of eating candy in Fortnite will consist of getting a total of 25 and devouring them with all your desire. Do not worry about the recommendation that the video game gives you about completing the mission in groups of 4 players, since it really does not pose great difficulties.

To find the candies you must go to the different houses that are on the map. These will be inside jars that you must break to be able to access their content and thus enjoy their sweetness.

Map to eat Candy in Fortnite

Although there is no single area in which to obtain these candies, we want to recommend an area of ​​the map that stands out for its large number of houses. Here we leave you our star on one of the habitable areas that offer you the best opportunities.

Eat caramelos - Fortnite

If you still have doubts about how to complete this challenge, here is a video that shows a clear and simple solution to it.

We hope that our guide has been helpful for you and that you managed to eat candy in Fortnite without any problem.

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