Best Fruit in King Legacy 

Best Fruit in King Legacy 

Best Fruit in King Legacy 

Welcome, fellow gamers, to our comprehensive guide to King Legacy, where we delve into the fascinating world of Fruits and unveil the best ones in the game. For those new to the King Legacy universe, Fruits are unique abilities acquired by consuming a Devil Fruit, granting players extraordinary powers and skills. Each Fruit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and mastering them is crucial to dominating the game. Here we’ll present a well-researched tier list of the best Fruits in King Legacy to help you make informed choices and achieve victory in battles.

What are Fruit tiers?

Before we delve into the juicy details, let’s understand the concept of Fruit Tiers. In King Legacy, Fruits are categorized into different tiers based on their effectiveness and usability in combat scenarios. The tiers range from S (the best) to D (the weakest). To claim the title of the best fruit in King Legacy. A Fruit must possess powerful abilities, versatility, and strategic advantages.

Discover the Best Fruits in King Legacy

In the vast world of King Legacy, fruits play a pivotal role as in-game consumables that grant extraordinary abilities to players. These remarkable fruits are known as devil Fruits, and they come in three distinct categories, each offering unique and powerful abilities to the lucky individuals who consume them. Let’s explore the best fruit in King Legacy across these categories!

  • Best Paramecia Fruits

Paramecia fruits are renowned for bestowing players with diverse and extraordinary powers. Among the best fruit in King Legacy from this category are those that grant incredible abilities, such as gravity manipulation or the ability to stretch limbs across vast distances. These fruits are highly sought after due to their versatility in combat scenarios.

  • Top Zoan Fruits

Zoan fruits are a fascinating category of Devil Fruits that enable players to transform into powerful animals or beasts. The best fruit in King Legacy from this category offers a thrilling transformation that can significantly enhance your combat capabilities, allowing you to unleash your ferocity on the battlefield.

  • Unbeatable Logia Fruits

Logia fruits are the epitome of defense in King Legacy. When you possess one of the best fruit in King Legacy from this category, you become impervious to basic sword swings, making you a formidable force to be reckoned with. The invincibility provided by these fruits allows players to dominate battles and emerge victorious.

The Power Comes with a Price

While Devil Fruits undoubtedly grant immense power, it’s essential to be aware of their limitations. Once you consume a Devil Fruit, whether it be one of the best fruit in King Legacy or not, you will lose the ability to swim and employ other forms of transportation, including flying, using boats, or traversing ice paths. This temporary drawback must be considered carefully when deciding to indulge in the power of a Devil Fruit.

How to Get Fruits in King Legacy?

In King Legacy, there are four primary methods to obtain Devil Fruits, each offering different chances and levels of reliability. The most consistent approach is through the Black Market, where players can grind and exchange belis for fruits. This method eliminates the element of chance present in other ways. Another way to obtain fruits is through the Gacha, where players can roll for a fruit using in-game currency. Regular players can roll up to 5 fruits, while premium players can roll up to 7 fruits every 6 hours. Spending Gems also allows players to obtain fruits through unlimited rolls.

Devil Fruits can spawn under trees all across the map every hour, and players can collect them. However, this method is less efficient compared to the Black Market and Gacha options, as it relies heavily on luck and the position of the fruit spawns. Finally, Legacy Island, which appears every hour in the Second Sea, offers an opportunity to claim a Devil Fruit by defeating the Sea King and opening the Treasure Chest inside the cave.

King Legacy Tier List August 2023

Welcome to our exclusive King Legacy Tier List, where we unveil the mightiest fruits in the game. As you explore the higher echelons of this list, you’ll discover formidable abilities that can turn the tide of any battle. Surprisingly, the top-ranking fruits primarily belong to the Paramecia and Zoan categories, setting the stage for epic encounters.  Our tier list comprises several levels, ranging from S (the most powerful) to D (the weakest):

Prepare yourself as we delve into the thrilling world of King Legacy and reveal the ultimate fruits in our tier list.

Fruit Rank Type Rarity Price
Allosaurus C Zoan Rare 2.1m Beli and 3 Gems or 1400 Robux
Barrier D Paramecia Uncommon 1012.5k Beli or 675 Robux
Bomb C Paramecia Common 187.5k Beli or 125 Robux
Brachiosaurus C Zoan Rare 2.25m Beli and 5 Gems or 1500 Robux
Buddha D Zoan Uncommon 1462.5k Beli and 1 Gem or 975 Robux
Dark S Logia Rare 1462.5k Beli and 3 Gems or 975 Robux
Dough S Paramecia Legendary 4.275m Beli and 10 Gems or 2850 Robux
Dragon S Zoan Legendary 7.5m Beli and 10 Gems or 3250 Robux
Flame B Logia Rare 1.725m Beli and 3 Gems or 1150 Robux
Gas B Logia Rare 1.875m Beli and 3 Gems or 1250 Robux
Giraffe D Zoan Common 525k Beli or 250 Robux
Gravity S Paramecia Rare 2.1m Beli and 3 Gems or 1400 robux
Gum A Paramecia Uncommon 1087.5k Beli or 725 Robux
Human D Zoan Common 637.5k Beli or 425 Robux
Ice A Logia Rare 900k Beli or 600 Robux
Leopard D Zoan Common 525k Beli or 350 Robux
Light S Logia Rare 1.8m Beli and 3 Gems or 1200 Robux
Love B Paramecia Uncommon 1.8m Beli and 3 Gems or 1200 Robux
Magma S Logia Rare 1462.5 Beli and 2 Gems or 975 Robux
Magnet A Paramecia Epic 5.3m Beli and 15 Gems or 2650 Robux
Mammoth B Zoan Rare 3.7m Beli and 7 Gems or 1850 Robux
Op C Paramecia Rare 2.625m Beli and 5 Gems or 1750 Robux
Paw D Paramecia Common 450k Beli or 300 Robux
Phoenix B Zoan Legendary 3.275m Beli and 10 Gems or 2250 Robux
Quake A Paramecia Rare 2.7m Beli and 3 Gems and 1800 Robux
Rumble B Logia Rare 1687.5k Beli and 3 Gems or 1125 Robux
Sand C Logia Uncommon 1.125m Beli or 750 Robux
Shadow C Paramecia Uncommon 1.5m Beli and 3 Gems or 1000 Robux
Smoke C Logia Uncommon 2.4m Beli and 5 Gems or 1200 Robux
Snow A Logia Rare 2.025m Beli and 5 Gems or 1350 Robux
Spike B Paramecia Uncommon 1.3m Beli and 5 Gems or 650 Robux
Spin D Paramecia Common 75k Beli or 75 Robux
Spinosaurus B Zoan Rare 3.75m Beli and 5 Gems or 2500 Robux
Spirit/Soul A Paramecia Legendary 6m Beli and 25 Gems or 3000 robux
String A Paramecia Rare 1.8m Beli and 3 Gems or 1200 Robux
Venom S Paramecia Rare 462.5k Beli and 2 Gems or 975 Robux
Wolf D Zoan Common 525k Beli or 350 Robux



In King Legacy, the allure of Devil Fruits is irresistible, as they offer players the chance to wield extraordinary powers that can turn the tide of any battle. From the best fruit in King Legacy under the Paramecia category with their versatile abilities, to the captivating transformations of the Zoan fruits, and the unbeatable defense of the Logia fruits, each category brings its own unique advantages.

As you embark on your quest to discover the best fruit in King Legacy, remember that great power also demands great responsibility. Choose wisely, adapt your strategy, and enjoy the thrill of harnessing the extraordinary abilities bestowed upon you by these mystical fruits.

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