All the Best Roblox Games | Complete List

Every time we fall in love with Roblox more and that is why we have decided to bring you our top 20 with the best Roblox games.

“Imagination Platform” is how Roblox describes itself, a platform created specifically for players that works hand in hand with each one of them.

  • On this platform users have the possibility to create their own games and share them in a catalog along with a variety of other titles. 

If you are here to continue playing, continue with the list , if this is the first time you try Roblox, at the end you have a very funny video of El Rubios testing Roblox for the first time.

1.Meep City

 best roblox games

  • Price: Free

A Meep is a floating pet that you can acquire after saving a certain amount of money. What makes this game even more fun is the variety of activities you can do with it, from personalizing it and creating a home, to taking walks around the city.

From the moment you get your Meep, you can create a community with which you can interact while you attend, you work as a DJ in discos, as a doctor in a hospital, as a teacher in a school, among many more.

You can also participate in the mini games that Meep offers. We already know why it is considered one of the best Roblox games.

2. Lawn Mowing Simulator

 Lawn Mowing Simulator

  • Price: Free

Lawn Mowing Simulator is a game that at first glance seems to be quite bland, however when you notice that you can choose between more than 30 different pets and go By unlocking new equipment, better tools, and new pets, you immediately get hooked.

The goal here is to mow the grass to earn more money. Lawn Mowing Simulator also offers several different biomes to keep players well entertained. 

3. Royale High

mejores juegos grais de roblox

  • Price: Free

Royale High gives you the opportunity to live the experience of a fantastic world in which princesses and fairies are the protagonists.

It is an interactive game that allows you to control your character and make him do activities typical of human life, such as going to school to do homework and participate in activities.

Royale High focuses on the aesthetics of the characters, since you can choose clothes, colors, hair and equipment.

4. Temple Thieves

Temple Thieves

  • Price: Free

In Temple Thieves you must take control of a bounty hunter whose objective is to explore temples in search of gems and hidden treasures.

As you go through the next level, the game takes on another color. It is important that you be very skilled and patient in order to overcome each obstacle.

As in any good game, you must survive the attacks from the enemy, which in this case is known as Guardian of the Gems, but don’t worry, you will unlock tools and benefits that will make your mission easier.

5. Lazarus Project: Zombies

 Lazarus Project: Zombies

This game has been compared to Call of Duty for its fighting style and shooting, the difference is that here you must fight thousands of zombies . As you progress through the game, you will equip yourself with better weapons and defense equipment. Project Lazarus: Zombies also lets you play it with friends.

  1. Deathrun

 best free roblox games

  • Price: Free

Deathrun is very similar to the Mario Kart minigames. During the car race you must dodge obstacles and keep an eye out for the secret traps that can eliminate you from competition in the blink of an eye. Sound familiar?

You have different tracks, each with its own mysterious traps. Nobody wants to finish the race in the dumbest way, that’s why we assure you you will have an adrenaline boost with Deathrun.

  1. Restaurant Tycoon 2

 Restaurant Tycoon 2

  • Price: Free

We must confess that we love games in which you pretend to have a restaurant and serve the clientele yourself.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 allows you to earn money through your good service and use it to make improvements to the infrastructure and decoration of your business.

While you pass the level you unlock recipes and new options. For this you must manage the restaurant in an optimal way. How? attending orders, improving delivery time, acquiring new ingredients, among many other things.

  1. Adopt me!

 adopt me

  • Price: Free

When it comes to games with unusual themes, Adopt should definitely be mentioned to me. You can decide between being a father or a baby.

If you choose to be a parent, your role is to go to the infirmary and adopt a baby, personified by another player who decided to be a baby. And if you chose to be a baby, your goal is to try to be adopted.

The development of the game is that if you are the father you must keep your baby happy, healthy, fed, and safe, but yes You are a baby, the opposite happens, you must do everything possible to put yourself at risk to try to make the other player (father) lose. What role would you choose?

  1. Dungeon Quest

 dungeon quest

  • Price: Free

This game takes place in dungeons where you must enter to fight monsters, find equipment, learn to cast spells, pass levels and improve attributes. It has all the characteristics of its gender.

In case Dungeon Quest seems very easy to complete, or on the contrary, very complicated; Don’t worry, here you can choose the level of difficulty you prefer, but don’t get too excited as there are stages so difficult that you can only complete them with the help of other players.

As you progress through the game, new dungeons and more varied modes are unlocked.

10. Vesteria


  • Price: Free

Did you know that Vesteria received the annual Bloxy award (an internal award from the Roblox platform), in the Technical Achievements category this year? As you read it, enviable graphics and great gameplay helped it become one of the no favorites of all time.

Vesteria is a very complete game that includes choosing your class, fighting against giant monsters, collecting rare items, missions, invasion of dungeons and much more.
If that’s not enough, we tell you that it also allows you to set up groups with other players who want to level up.

11. Pig:


  • Price: Free

Don’t be fooled by its cute name, Piggy is a survival game in which players must choose between being a survivor or being a Piggy.

If you decide to be a survivor, your role is to complete various tasks until you find the exit of each level. The game is over if time runs out or Piggy kills them. On the contrary, if you choose to be Piggy, your task is to kill all the other players, and thus prevent them from escaping at all costs.

Piggy not only offers the previously described mode, also has other game modes that change the rules of each game. There is the “Infection” mode in which Piggy can infect other players to join his team, and there is also the “Traitor” mode in which Piggy is a robot and one of the surviving players is a traitor who must kill everyone else.

  1. Jailbreak

 jail break

  • Price: Free

Yes, Jailbreak is another game where you can choose between two roles. It seems to be very simple, but the truth is that this game gives you many options that won’t let you tire of it. Prisoner or policeman, each one has different activities within the game.

If you are a policeman, your goal is to catch the criminal and spoil his criminal plans; and if you are a prisoner, you must choose among the countless crimes and try to commit one . The game supports updates frequently, releases new maps, vehicles and equipment.

Another advantage is that you have a good level of playability. For example: D from the moment you escape from prison, you have the freedom to explore the world however you want. Jailbreak is considered one of the best roblox games of all time.

13. Murder Mystery 2

 Murder Mystery 2

  • Price: Free

A multiplayer game considered very violent. Murder Mistery 2 pits players against each other in search of who has committed the murder.

One of them personifies the Sheriff, another the Assassin and all the others the Victims. This is a very popular game in Brazil.

The Sheriff is the only armed character capable of shooting the Assassin, for his part the Assassin aims to kill everyone without being identified.

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14. Hell’s Tower

 tower of hell roblox

  • Price: Free

Tower of Hell turns out to be a race against other players trying to climb the same tower as you. The game is very fun and full of adrenaline due to the amount of obstacles that are presented to you in the attempt to climb.

In Tower of Hell you can level up and customize your characters with various options. This is one of the best roblox games despite its simplicity.

15. My restaurant!

 My restaurant!

  • Price: Free

Meu restaurante, as it is also known, is a simulator in which you will have to do your best to serve your customers as well as possible.

This will allow you to make improvements in the decoration of your space, create new and better recipes, purchase electrical appliances that facilitate the delivery of work, hire more cooks and waiters. What better than to have fun while you work?

  1. Skate park

 Skate park

  • Price: Free

Skate Park is the perfect game for skateboard lovers. Here you can customize your board and your avatar. Another interesting aspect is that you can interact with an online community that lives skateboarding with the same passion as you.

While you have fun and interact, you can earn points on the giant track where the game takes place. You’re sure to love it!

  1. Hide and Seek Extreme

 Hide and Seek Extreme

  • Price: Free

Roblox brings us Hide and Seek Extreme, a game that takes place in different scenarios chosen by you and whose goal is for players to hide in the best possible way, for this they have 1 or 2 minutes.

On the other hand, one of the players has 4 minutes to find them all. Hide and Seek Extreme offers you the ability to use various special abilities during matches. A simple game but full of what you need to be successful.

18. Magic World

 Hide and Seek Extreme

  • Price: Free

Where are the lovers of magic and fantasy? We declare ourselves followers of these themes because not there is a way to get bored if you have to create guilds, level up, complete missions and fight against other players.

As if this were not enough to convince you, this game gives you the option to develop your skills in good magic or in bad magic. In which one would you become?

  1. Super Power Fighting Simulator

 Super Power Fighting Simulator

  • Price: Free

Super Power Fighting Simulator is a game in which you must perform Strength, Endurance, Agility and Wisdom exercises, in order to unlock some superpowers. You can also speed up the process by completing missions.

The goal is for you to accumulate skills like laser vision or protective shields to become a powerful superhero.

  1. Welcome to Bloxburg

 Welcome to Bloxburg

  • Price: 25 Robux

If you like the famous game The Sims, you will surely fall in love with Welcome to Bloxburg. This is a life simulator in which you have control over your character, and just like in The Sims your function is to maintain the stability of fun, hunger, hygiene, energy, joy, and make your avatar as happy as possible.

It is an interactive game through which you can have contact with other players who visit your home. Welcome to Bloxburg has countless options for the construction of buildings and decorations for your home.

If you wonder what distinguishes it from The Sims, we tell you that this game is so complete that it even considers the amount of water and electricity used to define the value of the invoices.

For us this is one of the best Roblox games at the moment, of course it depends a lot on what kind of games you like, but Welcome to Bloxburg amuses everyone equally.

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