Fortnite: Destroy Snowflake Ornaments – Location

Without a doubt, the Fortnite Christmas challenges are not leaving anyone indifferent and continue to surprise us day after day. It is this time we will destroy Snowflakes Ornaments , so pay close attention to the following clues.

Although on a previous day we had a similar mission, on this day 12 the conditions have changed and the Snowflake Ornaments that we must destroy are much smaller than on the previous occasion.

Anyway, we must say that it will not represent a big problem, since a large part of the cities have buildings with this type of decoration . So get down to work.

Location Ornaments Snowflakes

So that you can carry out this challenge without any problem and destroy the snowflakes ornaments quickly and easily, then we leave you a map with all the locations of these.

The image is courtesy of our Inverse friends so remember to shop around your website.

Map Decoration Snowflakes - Fortnite

If you still have doubts about how to complete this Christmas challenge in Fortnite , here is a video that explains and shows each of the steps you must take to achieve it.

Fortnitemares: Eat Candy Locations in Fortnite?

We hope this little guide has been helpful for you and that you can destroy the snowflakes in Fortnite without any complications. Good luck!

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