Fortnite: Where to Dance at the Pipeman, the Hayman, and the Timber Tent

A new week has arrived at Fortnite and with it they have also done the Trick Throw challenges . This time we want to help you complete the challenge that asks us to dance in a Pipeman, the Hayman, and the Timber Tent.

In the case that these locations seem somewhat unknown, then we leave you a map that shows the exact points of the map that you will have to go to to find these sites and complete the challenge.

Where to Find Pipeman, the Hayman, and the Timber Tent

Pipeman Location

To find the Pipe Man we will have to go to the southernmost part of the map, particularly under Misty Meadows . Once there you will have to climb the mountains and look for the following landscape:

Pipeman Location Fortnite

Hayman Location

With regard to the Straw Man, we will have to go quickly to Frenzy Farm  and search around. This structure is located in the southern zone, and we assure you that it will not be difficult to see.

Hayman Location Fortnite

Location Timber Tent

The Timber Tent is located just between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. Take a tour of that sector and turn on your alarms to quickly find a landscape like this:

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Timber Tent Location Fortnite

In case you need more help to find these locations, here is a video that explains step by step what you should do to get it.

We hope you liked this article and that you could find the Pipeman, Hayman and Timber Tent without any problem.

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