Fortnite: Where to Find Letter T on the Hidden Loading Screen

We are in a new week of Fortnite and therefore we have at our disposal the Trick Shot challenges. In this article we will help you find the Letter T on the Loading Screen , so that you will end your collection.

As you know, to unlock this item you will need to have finished all the other challenges of this week, so we invite you to review our guide with the solution of the Trick Shot challenges.

Hidden Letter T on the Loading Screen

If you are done with the above challenges, then you will already have the hidden load screen . Here you should look for the Letter T, although it always comes quite well hidden.

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To find it quickly, here we leave you marked where it is:

Hidden Letter T Location

Location Letter T in Fortnite

Now that you know that the letter T is enclosed under a bridge, we just need to discover the location of the latter and go to that place.

If this site does not sound like anything, here we leave you the point of the map that you should go to find it:

Letter T Map Fortnite
Credits to ProGameGuides

In case you still need more help to find the Letter T in Fortnite, here is a video that clearly shows the whole process to get it.

We hope that this article was to your liking and that you could get the Letter T on the Loading Screen without any problem.

Fortnite Chapter 2 - When Season 2 End?

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