Harem Hotel Codes – Complete List (October 2020)

Holidays are always a necessary asset after long weeks of hard work. A trip or an outing to get to know the world are not bad ideas and even more so when the accommodation is carried out by hotel visionaries who bring us ideas that are as crazy as they are pleasant. Just like the ones presented by the Harem Hotel codes.

Valid and active codes Harem Hotel

The most important thing you have to know about the Harem Hotel codes , is that they are tricks that will allow you to manipulate the attributes of the characters that make life in the hotel. In addition, you can acquire money with them and thus pay for a life of luxury and excess or, you can simply unlock some additional scenes.

As you will see, they are tricks that will allow you to enjoy your stay to the fullest. So, if what you want is to rest and enjoy your virtual holidays at the Harem Hotel , these are the commands you should have.

Codes to get money:

  • gimmeallyourmoney = By entering this code you get $ 999,999.
  • gimmesomemoney = By entering this code you get $ 1,000.

Note: We recommend using them frequently.

Codes to Maximize character stats:

  • maxall = Maximize the statistics of each character
  • maxlin = Maximize Lin’s stats.
  • maxkali = Maximize Kali’s stats.
  • maxashley = Maximize Ashley’s stats.
  • maxmaria = Maximize Maria’s stats.
  • maxbot = Maximize Android stats.
  • maxfelicityandemma = Maximize Felicity and Emma’s stats.

Codes for extra scenes:

  • truestory (on your pc in your room) = convert Felicity and Emma (the cheerleaders) from Clones to Twins.
  • spinningtv = add purple mod.
  • ifuck e dlucy = lucia “let’s have fun” if you didn’t at the kali event.

Other codes:

  • dayplus10 = Add 10 days

Harem Hotel Codes expired

Fortunately for hotel adventurers, all the codes we showed you above are still working. What are you waiting to travel and enjoy?

How to redeem Harem Hotel codes

To redeem the Harem Hotel codes , you just have to find access to a computer. For this, just go to your room since you will always have one there. Once you are connected, select the Input Code option, confirm that you have one and then you can enter the codes of your preference.

Next, we leave you a small video that illustrates the procedure that we have previously described. As well as other peculiarities that this incredible game contains.

Now that you know everything about the Harem Hotel codes , it is time to go enjoy the good life and the company of a staff that will make your imagination run wild.

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