Pokemon Go: How to evolve to Electabuzz in Electivire

Without a doubt, playing Pokemon Go is one of the favorite pastimes of many coaches. This is mainly due to the large number of creatures available and the multiple mechanisms by which we can expand our collection.

This time we want to focus on teaching you how to evolve to Electabuzz in Electivire , so that you can fill your team with potential offense and achieve the best results in battle.

Electabuzz in Pokemon Go

Luckily for you, capturing Electabuzz in Pokemon Go shouldn’t be complicated. You can get this pokemon by searching the right nests or raising an egg randomly.

Remember that this first generation pokemon belongs to the Electric type , so it will surely fit into one of your combat strategies.

Electivire in Pokemon Go

The case of Electivire in Pokemon Go is very different and you will need its pre-evolutionary phases to obtain it. This pokemon stands out for its high Attack attribute , an element that will give your formation great offensive power.

Evolve Electabuzz in Electivire

To be able to evolve to Electabuzz in Electivire it will not be enough to gather the typical 100 Electabuzz Candies . In the pokemon of the fourth generation it will also be necessary to have a Sinnoh Stone , so keep them as soon as you run into them.

In the event that you still have doubts about this procedure, here is a video that clearly and easily shows the steps you must take to achieve evolution.

We hope that this article was to your liking and that you would learn how to evolve to Electabuzz in Electivire without any problem.

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