Gameshark Pokemon Yellow Codes – June 2023

One of our biggest childhood dreams was trying to become Pokemon teachers. But, obviously, it is not easy to find any of these magnificent creatures that filled our imaginations. However, video games bring us a little closer to fulfilling that dream. Therefore, from HDGamers, we bring you all the Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes .

Valid and active Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes (2022)

The greatest virtue of every Pokemon master was always being patient and knowing his adventure partners perfectly. Above all, how to capture and rescue others with the least possible damage. That idea, in a way, is what allowed to build these Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes.

In this sense, with these codes we will be able to capture, from the beginning, different Pokemon and thus live an incredible adventure with those little friends. In addition, these tricks will give us a series of skills that will give us a unique experience.

Due to how extensive and varied these codes turn out to be, at HDGamers we have decided to distribute them according to their usefulness. Therefore, in the list that you will see below; You will be able to see the benefits that each command grants according to its category.

Codes to Catch Pokemon

014ad7cf Articuno
014bd7cf Zapdos
0149d7cf Motres
0158d7cf Dratini
0159d7cf Dragonair
0142d7cf Dragonite
0183d7cf Mewtwo
0115d7cf Mew
015cd7cf Horsea
0102d7cf Kangaskhan
011ed7cf Tangela
0128d7cf Chansey
0101d7cf Rhydon
0112d7cf Rhyhorn
018fd7cf Weezing
0137d7cf Koffing
010bd7cf Lickitung
0191d7cf Marowak
012cd7cf Hitmonchan
012bd7cf Hitmonlee
0184d7cf Snorlax
01abd7cf Aerodactyl
015bd7cf Kabutops
015ad7cf Kabuto
0185d7cf Majikarp
0163d7cf Omastar
0162d7cf Omanyte
0162d7cf Omanytle
01aad7cf Porygon
0167d7cf Flareon
0168d7c Jolteon
0169d7cf Vaporeon
0166d7cf Eevee
014cd7cf Ditto
0113d7cf Lapras
0116d7cf Gyarados
016cd7cf Ekans
012dd7cf Arbok
0154d7cf Pikachu
0155d7cf Raichu
0160d7cf Sandshrew
0161d7cf Sandslash
010fd7cf Nidoran
01a8d7cf Nidorina
0110d7cf NidoQueen
0103d7cf Nidoran (male)
01a7d7cf Nidorino
0107d7cf NidoKing
0104d7cf Clefairy
013972d1 Pikachu Surfer
0164d7cf Jigglypuff
0165d7cf Wigglypuff
016bd7cf Zubat
0182d7cf Golbat
01b9d7cf Oddish
01bad7cf Gloom
01bbd7cf Vileplume
016dd7cf Paras
018ed7cf Clefable
017dd7cf Butterfree
0170d7cf Weedle
0171d7cf Kakuna
0172d7cf Beedrill
0124d7cf Pidgey
0196d7cf Pidgeotto
0197d7cf Pidgeot
01a5d7cf Rattata
01a6d7cf Raticate
0105d7cf Spearow
0123d7cf Fearow
019bd7cf Tentacruel
01a9d7cf Geodude
0127d7cf Graveler
0131d7cf Golem
01a3d7cf Ponyta
01a4d7cf Rapidash
012ed7cf Parasect
0141d7cf Venonat
0177d7cf Venomoth
013bd7cf Diglett
0176d7cf Dugtrio
014dd7cf Meowth
0190d7cf Persian
012fd7cf Psyduck
0180d7cf Golduck
0152d7cf Vulpix
0153d7cf Ninetales
0108d7cf Slowbro
01add7cf Magnemite
0136d7cf Magneton
0140d7cf Farfetch’d
0146d7cf Doduo
0174d7cf Dodrio
0125d7cf Slowpoke
0121d7cf Growlithe
0114d7cf Arcanine
0147d7cf Poliwag
016ed7cf Poliwhirl
016fd7cf Poliwrath
0194d7cf Abra
0126d7cf Kadabra
0195d7cf Alakazam
016ad7cf Machop
0129d7cf Machoke
017ed7cf Machamp
01bcd7cf Bellsprout
01bdd7cf Weepinbell
01bed7cf Victreebell
0139d7cf Mankey
0175d7cf Primeape
0118d7cf Tentacool
015dd7cf Seadra
019dd7cf Goldeen
019ed7cf Seaking
011bd7cf Staryu (male)
0198d7cf Starmie
012ad7cf Mr. Mime
011ad7cf Scyther
0148d7cf Jynx
0135d7cf Electabuzz
0133d7cf Magmar
011dd7cf Pinsir
013cd7cf Tauros
013ad7cf Seel
0130d7cf Drowzee
0178d7cf Dewgong
010dd7cf Grimer
0188d7cf Muk
0117d7cf Shellder
018bd7cf Cloyster
0119d7cf Gastly
0193d7cf Haunter
014edd7cf Krabby
010ed7cf Gengar
0122d7cf Onix
0181d7cf Hypno
018ad7cf Kinger
0106d7cf Voltorb
018dd7cf Electrode
010cd7cf Exeggcute
010ad7cf Exeggutor
0111d7cf Cubone
0199d7cf Bulbasaur
0109d7cf Ivysaur
019ad7cf Venusaur
01b0d7cf Charmander
01b4d7cf Charizard
01b1d7cf Squirtle
01b3d7cf Wartortle
011cd7cf Blastoise
017bd7cf Caterpie
017cd7cf Metapod
01b2d7cf Charmeleon

Codes to Pokemon Level Modifier

010526d1 Pokemon Lv. 5
010a26d1 Pokemon Lv. 10
010f26d1 Pokemon Lv. 15
011426D1 Pokemon Lv. 20
011926D1 Pokemon Lv. 25
011E26D1 Pokemon Lv. 30
012326D1 Pokemon Lv. 35
012826D1 Pokemon Lv. 40
012D26D1 Pokemon Lv. 45
013226D1 Pokemon Lv. 50
014B26D1 Pokemon Lv. 75
Pokemon Lv. 100
Pokemon Lv. 150
Pokemon Lv. 190

All Cheat Codes

Redeem this code and you get walk through walls.
Redeem this code and catch any Pokemon!
Redeem this code and you steal trainer’s Pokemon.
Redeem this code and you get don’t random battles.
01281DD3 & 01281ED3
Redeem this code and you get unlimited rare candy.
Redeem this code and you get Pikachu flying with balloons.
013972D1, 013973d1, 013974D1 or 013975D1
Redeem this code and you get Pikachu Surf skill.
Redeem this code and you can start with infinity (Zo Charizard).
Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (4th Position).
019947d3, 019948d3 or 019946d3
Redeem this code and you get Infinite Money.
Redeem this code and you get that enemies cannot attack. In addition, they will start the battle burned.
Redeem this code and you get all gym badges.
Redeem this code and you can protect the Status.
Redeem this code and you get 100% success in your attacks
0199a4d5 & 0199a3d5
Redeem this code and you get Infinite Casino Chips.
Redeem this code and you get Infinite time (Safari zone).
Redeem this code and you get Infinite Safari Balls.
Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (1st Position).
Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (2nd Position).
Redeem this code and you get Infinite PP (3rd Position).
Redeem this code and you get Infinite HP (in a battle).
015563d1 & 013972d1
Redeem this code and you get Pikachu Pacific.
Redeem this code and you get airborne.
Redeem this code to buy free Master Balls.
Redeem this code and your Pokemon team looks like Mew, in a Battle.
Redeem this code and you can leave your rival Pokemon Burned and Asleep.


Gameshark codes Pokemon Yellow

Gameshark Pokemon Yellow Codes expired

Fortunately for aspiring Pokemon masters, all the previously described codes still work. So you just have to go out and enjoy one of the biggest dreams of every child.

How to redeem Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes

To activate all the Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes we only have to open our emulator. Before starting the game, go to the options menu and activate cheat.

Once we have this step, we will have to go to the upper right of the screen where the word cheat will appear again. By clicking, it will open a notepad where we can enter the codes of our preference and activate them at will.

Next, we leave you with a small video that better illustrates the process to use all the Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes on our devices.

Now that you know all the secrets of the Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes, it only remains for us to invite you to enjoy an authentic retro experience and be the best Pokemon master of video games. 

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