“Gotta Catch ‘Em All”: Why Pokemon Sword and Shield Is a Must-Have Switch Game

Pokemon Sword and Shield are one of the latest entries in the long-running Pokemon video game franchise. The game was released on November 15, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch console.

And if you’re a fan of the Pokemon series, or if you’re looking for a great Switch game to play, then you’re in luck! Many consider this a must-have game for any Switch owner. The game features new Pokemon, new gameplay mechanics, and a beautiful open world to explore.

In this article, we will explore why Pokemon Sword and Shield is such a great game and why it should be on your wishlist.

Introduction to Pokemon Sword and Shield

As one of the newest installments in the Pokemon video game series, Pokemon Sword and Shield has a lot to offer both new and old fans of the franchise.

For fans of the franchise, you will recognize many of the familiar old features, from the standard ability to catch and train different Pokemon to the turn-based battles against other trainers in order to win badges and become the Champion.

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And for those who are just getting into the series, Pokemon Sword and Shield is a role-playing game (RPG) in which players take on the role of a young trainer who sets out on an adventure to capture and train Pokemon.

The game takes place in the Galar region, which is inspired by Great Britain, and features several new Pokemon to catch and train. Including the new starter Pokemons:

  1. Grookey – a Grass-type monkey Pokemon. Grookey’s unique Grass typing gives it access to moves that other starters cannot use, such as Giga Drain and Leech Seed. In addition, Grookey’s Ability, Grassy Surge, summons a field of tall grass when it enters battle, which not only provides camouflage for Grookey and its allies, but also healing properties thanks to the effect of the grass on Pokemon that enter it.
  2. Scorbunny – the Fire-type starter. Scorbunny is fast, strong, and has a great design that makes it stand out from the other starters. It also has the unique ability to learn the move Pyro Ball, which is a powerful fire attack that can be used to take down foes quickly.
  3. Sobble – a Water-type lizard Pokemon. Its tail acts as a water pouch that Sobble can use to camouflage itself in the water. While Sobble may not be the most powerful starter Pokemon, it’s definitely one of the cutest and most unique.

The different features of Pokemon Sword and Shield

As the first mainline Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword and Shield certainly have a lot to live up to. And they have exceeded most of the fans’ expectations, with the games having been praised by both gamers and critics alike.

For starters, the game is now fully playable in HD, meaning that all of your favorite Pokemon, from Pikachu to Mew, look better than ever before. The world is also significantly larger than any previous Pokemon game, with several new areas to explore.

In addition to the new setting and Pokemons, the game introduces several new mechanics, such as Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing. Dynamaxing in Pokemon Sword and Shield allows Pokemon to temporarily grow to giant size. This gives them increased strength and durability, but only lasts for three turns.

Gigantamaxing is an even rarer version of Dynamaxing that can only be performed by certain Pokemon, and gives them unique abilities and appearance changes in addition to increased strength. This mechanic can be used in both single-player and multiplayer battles, making for some intense battles.

Another key feature of Sword and Shield is the new Wild Area. The Wild Area is a large open-world area where players can encounter wild Pokemon in their natural habitat. The Wild Area also contains many different side activities, such as fishing and treasure hunting.

These are just a few of the new Pokemon you can expect to find in Sword and Shield. With so many new additions to the already massive Pokédex, Sword and Shield are sure to be a must-have for any trainer out there.

All in all, Pokemon Sword and Shield is a game that you should definitely consider adding to your Switch library. From its detailed graphics, captivating storyline, and exciting battle system to the vast selection of different Pokemon available from Kanto through Galar regions—this game has it all!

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Pokemon or just getting started, Pokemon Sword and Shield is a must-have game for your Switch library. The game offers something for everyone, with an engaging story, intense battles, and plenty of exploration. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and catch ’em all!


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