The Art of Bluffing: Strategies for Poker Players in Australian Casinos

Strategies in poker

If you want to increase your winnings in poker, you need to know what types of players there are and what strategies they can use. Since poker is a game against other opponents, you need not only to collect combinations above other players in order to win, but also to use your pot correctly and to use bluffs when your strategy allows it.

Types of Players

First of all, to understand the intricacies of the game, you need to distinguish the players at your table. Basically, there are several clusters of players in the game:

  • Tight – this type of player plays only very strong cards and enters the game rarely, but always uses a raiser. They are usually good players or regular online poker players;
  • Aggressive – An alternate type of player who plays cards frequently and may have both pocket trash and high cards. These players always enter the game with a rake or 3bet;
  • Caller – These players often enter the game with a call and continue to draw cards on the table as well. There is no aggression from these players, but they are often calling all the way and can accumulate high combinations;
  • Moron – A player who draws 90% of his cards and can place unexpectedly high bets in the most illogical situations;
  • Fish – This is the poker term for those who often fold in response to opponent’s raises even with their strongest combinations in order to protect their bankroll.


It is worth noting that good online poker players never stick to only one strategy and type of behavior. For a successful game, you should combine modes, with professionals recommending alternating between Tight style and Aggressive, and for tricky draws, confuse your opponents with Call style.

Strategies in poker

Once you have determined what type of players are sitting at your table, you need to figure out how to play against them. The main 4 types of strategies are:

  • Aggressive – Always play the first hand through 3bet or raises, showing your intention to take the pot. Continue to play aggressively if you hit combinations, it is not recommended to bluff;
  • Passive – This Hand should be played with a lot of call cards and a wide range of pocket draws. Frequent calls and a low entry point into the Pot allows you to make more combinations and thus save your Pot, but the payout is lower;
  • Loose – This style of play allows a lot of hands, up to 90%. The interest of this style is that big pots can take absolutely unexpected combinations against strong hands of the opponent;
  • Tight – This is a beginner’s tactic where only strong hands are played and the player enters the pot by 3-betting. This tactic loses out to the surprise action of the Loose style and often forces the player to enter into expensive shenanigans with the Aggressive style.

Usually these are the few basic strategies in poker, but often these strategies are combined and players’ behaviors may vary. Beginners are recommended to follow one of the strategies on low limits until a full understanding of the game, and then try to make their own combinations in the online casino in Australia.

Tight and aggressive (TAG)

A combination of aggressive and tighter play, consisting of playing only a strong range of hands (approximately 17% of the cards) and entering the game through 3-betting. This style allows you to have a positive ROI of winning banks, but it is a very easy to read combination for experienced players. Beginners at low limits can use this strategy and quickly increase their pot.

Loose-Aggressive (LAG)

This is a more complex combo strategy that plays a wide variety of hands ranging from 20 to 78% of the cards. Each hand is paired with a 3-bet and a raid on the postflop, increasing the final pot. It is difficult for opponents to determine your range of cards with this strategy and you can bluff more often. Not recommended for beginners.

Stack Strategy

This strategy will appeal to those who like to count their money. If you enter the game with an initial pot equal to the players’ bank at the tables, you are considered to have a deep stack (your pot at the table) and you can play only strong hands, putting enough money into your draws. In the middle stack, when your stack is approaching half your opponent’s stack, you must play more combinations to increase your chances of winning and returning to the deep stack.


This strategy belongs in part to the stack strategy and is the final stage, but many players deliberately enter the game with shortened stacks to play a push-fold strategy. The essence of the strategy is that when your stack equals the minimum value of 3 big blinds or slightly more, you should call all in on any suitable combinations in a wide range of cards. This strategy can instantly put you back in a deep stack, or throw you out of the game.

Best online casino in Australia

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Wolf Winner Bonuses

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Loyalty Program at Wolf Winner online casino

This company is also unique for its loyalty program, as there are two of them. Thus, players receive double benefits from the entertainment at online casinos.

Alpha Club

The first program is called the Alpha Club and is that each player who uses the services of the site often, or spends a decent amount of money on the site receives some benefits, namely:

  • Unique promotional bonuses;
  • Higher withdrawal limits;
  • No restrictions on bonus winnings;
  • Faster processing of payouts;
  • Individual VIP support group;
  • Cashback for the most loyal.

It is worth noting that in order to join the club you need to show your loyalty to the company and then you will receive an invitation from the company with the terms of your VIP subscription.

Wolf Pack

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