The Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing Mobile Phone Games

Phone games have divided the gaming community for a long time. Some people enjoy them, whereas others don’t even consider them real games. Hardcore esports fans love when they can compete and push their skill to their limits. This is something you cannot do on a small screen. Due to hardware limitations, you can’t create a mobile game online with a button-mash mechanic. However, we have seen how titles like Hearthstone or other TCG apps can actually bring mobile players into the world of eSports. So, there is clearly some potential in mobile games. Here we will discuss some of the main pros and cons of mobile games and see why some people love them.


A phone game is highly accessible. We live in a world where a lot of people own a smartphone and have access to the internet. This is one of the main reasons why online casino apps and sites are so successful now. When they were released back in the 90s, no one was really excited about them. Nowadays, we have players claiming free spin offers, placing a bet, or playing blackjack all on mobile.  Additionally, all of the casino online suisse sites are mobile friendly and basically designed around smartphone users. This ability to play regardless of where you are is a big advantage. A lot of people who love games are simply too busy and have limited time to enjoy their hobbies.

Limited Quality

If you look at the games available on PC and consoles, you see just how far this industry has gone. The graphics and the animation are amazing, and the mechanics are highly engaging. We do have some big titles like League of Legends adjusted for the small screen, but it still cannot capture the entire experience.  Moreover, these top-tier mobile titles are highly demanding, and you might not have a phone that can run them. Also, even if it can run these titles, the battery will be depleted within an hour or so.

That being said, there is an array of users who don’t care about these AAA titles. They enjoy non-demanding games that were primarily designed for a smaller screen. These are mostly online casino players who love roulette or jackpot slots.

A Great Option for Casual Players

Gaming can be a fulfilling hobby, as you can experience tons of different stories and get immersed in expansive virtual worlds. However, to get that sense of achievement, you need to put in a lot of hours, and that’s not something everyone can afford. A phone game is tailored towards a more casual experience. In other words, there aren’t big rewards for those who are ready to put in hours of gameplay on a daily basis. They do get more value and some perks, but those are mostly negligible. The idea is to create meaningful play sessions that can last between 10 and 30 minutes.

Unique Design Potential

The main advantage a mobile game online or app can have is that it can provide a unique experience that’s not available on other platforms. We have seen how clever the use of maps and GPS can lead to a truly amazing and engaging play session with Pokemon Go. It also encouraged players to walk more, which is healthier and definitely a needed change in today’s world. The same design principle can be used to create more educational content or learning games. You can walk around the city following a map of monuments and learn about these historic places.

Freemium and Gotcha Titles

The world of mobile games has a big dark side. The majority of available apps are all about getting people to spend money in order to enjoy them. Of course, there is nothing wrong with monetizing your free-to-play title, but some developers really implement predatory tactics. They get players to invest their time and then just slap a paywall barrier within the game. Meaning, if you wish to progress further or simply continue playing, you will need to make an in-app purchase.

This is one of the main reasons why a mobile game often gets a bad review. They are viewed as money-eating apps, where those who are top-performing players are also top payers. 

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