Video Games and Gambling: Do You Need To Worry?

The debate regarding addiction has been there since the start and even if efforts have been made to reach a conclusion it is yet to be settled. Oftentimes the high that people get from the adrenaline rush of both types of games sways the player from having his control over their will and they end up overlooking the aspects that require serious concern.

But the fact that it is the monotony of the modern-day lifestyle that brings us to the point where we have to draw the feeling of completion from the activities like gambling or video games; especially considering the current situation of self-confinement in order to survive the pandemic.

The best part of video games is that everyone can freely enjoy them, even the players who are currently enrolled in self-exclusion gambling schemes such as Gamstop and Gamban. Though they have chosen to remain barred from the breed of UKGC registered casinos, these players could still experience a similar thrill playing many of the compelling video games.

About Video Game Addiction

The current media outlook on video games can be very forgiving and these days it is a very well accepted form of entertainment.  The World Health Organization has recently considered the mentioned activity as an addiction disorder which is found very commonly in the current generation which is mostly virtually driven. Scientists studying behavioural addiction stated that most of it has derived from the fact that it is absolutely legal and acceptable in society.

One can choose to engage in video games for days yet nobody will hold players accountable for indulging in so until it gets to a situation where it rather turns into an obsession. Many of the times it comes without any valuable result but just as entertainment. Players even show withdrawal symptoms when it comes to this particular concern and hence it is nothing different from an addiction. Tapping into this nature of human beings, the video game industry is now a multibillion-dollar one.

About Gambling Addiction

Addictive gambling is one of the worst habits to get over considering the severity it is capable of while determining consequences. Studies have shown how adult citizens are capable of falling prey. It starts with a simple urge and soon turns into an addictive tendency. The activity of gambling stimulates the reward system of our brain which is somewhat like taking drugs or even worse because in most places it has been made legal and hence no rules exist to hold you from going back to it.

According to the estimates of Yugov, almost 2.7 percent of the adult population of New Zealand can be counted in the list of problematic gamblers which is nearly 1.4 million people. A further survey found that almost 7% of Kiwis take gambling responsibly and gamble only with NZ$5 casinos several times per week.

The crisis related to gambling problems is not just limited to major loss but also the after-effects take a generational pattern when the same addiction turns into a process of long-term debt repaying. Although there are several organizations that are emerging to address this problem, people often find themselves in a state where either it is too late to seek help or even going back to the same habits after a phase of detachment.

It might seem that both video games and gambling are two separate entities, from the surface level but researchers have found an uncanny similarity between the two. Several practices of video games like real money gaming, social casino, and even token wagering can show significant similarities with problem gambling. In conditions where gamers are persistent with these few activities are more likely to suffer from gambling addiction.

Behavioural experts suggest that the loot boxes of video games should be banned for the kids in order to keep them from growing addictive tendencies. According to a specialist, there are several loopholes including the escaping of regulations for the gambling elements in video games. Moreover, video games are just like simulations for proper gambling games as one can spend real money.

The only major difference that can be pointed out is that the winning amount cannot be cashed out. To get back to the question of whether to worry about both, then the question might raise an affirmative opinion, although moderation is the key that serves the population from being entertained as well as prevent them from losing themselves in the downward spiral. 

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