Pokemon Go: How to evolve Magmar in Magmortar

One of the strengths of Pokemon Go is that we always have pokemon available to capture. This is why, to help you in your search, we want to give you all the details about how to evolve to Magmar in Magmortar .

As you know, this is an evolutionary form added with the passage of time, since in the beginning Magmar had no evolution . However this has changed and here we leave all the information you need about it.

Magmar in Pokemon Go

To get Magmar in Pokemon Go all you need is to be lucky and find it in the wild through your city. Of course, you can always research on the nests in which it appears most frequently or find that ideal pokeparada in which to put your baits.

It’s a Fire type pokemon , which will surely help you fight a large number of rivals with all the advantage you need.

Magmortar in Pokemon Go

The only way to get Magmortar in Pokemon Go is to evolve your Magmar using the method we will leave later.

This creature stands out for its scorching physical power, with quite high attack statistics that will surely give your team all the offensive power you’ve been looking for.

Evolve Magmar in Magmortar

To evolve to Magmar in Magmortar, it will not only be necessary to have the 100 Magmar Candies , but you must also have another item in your inventory ready to complete this process.

We refer to the Sinnoh Stone , which was introduced in Pokemon Go when the creatures of the fourth generation were released and is now indispensable to achieve strong evolutions.

In the event that it is still not very clear, then we leave you a video that explains step by step everything you should do to achieve your goal.

We hope that this guide has been to your liking and that you could evolve to Magmar in Magmortar without any problem.

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