Pokémon Go: How to evolve Porygon 2 in Porygon Z

Pokemon Go is characterized by its extensive catalog of creatures and the many alternatives we have when creating a battle team. This time we want to help you learn how to evolve to Porygon 2 in Porygon Z .

As you know, Porygon is recognized as the artificial pokemon and responds to the experiments carried out by human beings within the history of anime and video games. So if you want to get your evolutions, pay close attention.

Porygon 2 in Pokemon Go

To get Porygon 2 in Pokemon Go it will be necessary to capture its first evolutionary phase, Porygon. This creature is in the wild , so your best option is to find the right nest.

Porygon and Porygon 2 belong to the normal type and have the peculiarity of adapting to different types of combat. No doubt an alternative full of versatility for any pokemon team.

Porygon Z in Pokemon Go

For its part, to get Porygon Z we will have to continue with this whole evolutionary process. Porygon evolves to Porygon 2 with the help of 25 Porygon Candies , while to get Porygon Z we will have to add another requirement to this method.

Evolve Porygon 2 in Porygon Z

From the fourth generation we have seen how the requirements to evolve certain creatures change in relation to the oldest pokemon.

The same goes for Porygon Z, for which you must give your Porygon 2 100 Porygon Candies and also a Sinnoh Stone .

In the event that you still have doubts about this procedure, here is a video that clearly and easily shows the steps you must take to achieve evolution.

We hope that this article was to your liking and that you would learn how to evolve to Porygon 2 in Porygon Z without any problem.

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