Pokemon Go: When will the Battle League come out?

The long-awaited Battle League player vs. player of Pokémon Go will launch this week through a pre-season test . As expected, it is a semi-regular tournament with rankings and rewards in the game.

By winning victories against other players and leveling up your rank, you will earn Stardust, Pokémon items and matches . The higher the rank, the better your rewards. Pikachu Libre, a wrestling-themed Pikachu seen in several other games, is one of the awards, along with several themed avatar items.

Alternatively, you can pay through PokéCoins to complete your 5km walk (although only if you have already walked at least 2km). How many PokéCoins will this cost? We still do not know, although the amount will decrease as it approaches its next 5 km in total.

Finally, there will be a Premium reward track accessible through the use of a Premium Raid Pass (now renamed as a Premium Battle Pass) This will offer more elements in the game and reduce the amount of wins before that certain Pokémon are found. It will not affect your range.

Pokemon Go Battle League launches pre-season tests

According to developer Niantic , the pre-season Battle League is now live , although access will be implemented gradually according to the account level. It will rotate through battles in the three leagues of the game, starting with Great League now, then Ultra League on Monday, February 10 , then Master League on Monday 24 February , all at 9 pm UK time. Great League will then cycle again on Monday, March 9 .

This pre-season period will be used to “ optimize and balance ” the game, so it will be interesting to see how all of the above is developed during this time and what changes Niantic eventually makes. We are eager to try and have an idea of ??how fair everything feels.

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