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The best selection of Mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 you will find in this article. All ETS2 mods .

An accurate representation of the work of a trucker is what makes Euro Truck Simulator 2 the most acclaimed simulation game for PC in 2020. In this title, everything is about getting behind the wheel of heavy and exhilarating vehicles across the entire European continent.

The studio in charge of this masterpiece, SCS Software, has dedicated itself to supporting the creation and safe distribution of mods for the game. Thanks to this duo of Fans + SCS we now have a great variety of new features that can be added.

How to install mods in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

 how to install mods euro tack simulator

  • Find the folder ‘Games by GG’ that will be in your ‘Program Files’ and copy the file ‘base.scs’ that you will find there.
  • Go to ‘My Documents / Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2’ , create a folder called ‘mod’ (if it is not already created) and paste the file ‘base .scs’.
  • ‘.scs’: they will be the ones you will have to copy and paste in the ‘mod’ folder you just created.
  • Launch Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open the “Mod Manager” menu that will appear in the game options. The mods you have installed will appear there and you can activate or deactivate them.

As you will realize, this is one of the simplest games when it comes to installing Mods. With the “Mod Manager” tool it is a piece of cake, you can test, run, activate and deactivate any Mod from there.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods (ETS2 Mods)

Mods for gameplay

  • SiSL’s Mega Pack : Contains a wide variety of decorative objects for the cabin of your truck, also different famous co-pilots like Star Wars characters. Cool? .. A lot!
  • Radios Europe : Another one that you have to try yes or yes. Supports listening to real radio, live, when you are driving. It contains a wide variety of European stations.
  • Intense Rain : With this mod you will modify the quantity, the quality and rain graphics. As you can imagine it is not an easy mod to execute, it will consume a lot of the capacities of your computer.
  • Realistic Rain and Thunder Sounds : Add thunder sounds in the same way to give stormy rains more realism, perfect to combine with the previous one.
  • First Snow Mod : This mod adds snow to maps, it was the first to be developed by Fans and has been updated and optimized for six years.
  • AI Traffic Pack : Hundreds of new vehicles on the roads, so you can spend the time looking sideways. Exactly 447 new models will be on the streets.
  • Dynamic Suspension and Realistic Steering : Get new suspension measurements and steering wheel hardness … to give it a little more realism.
  • Hands On Steering Wheel : An entertaining mod that adds real hands to the first person camera when you are inside the cockpit. Hands can hold cigars, clap, and perform all kinds of actions. We will also perceive the voice of the pilot.
  • Rehunubo’s Easy Economy Mod Pack : You will reduce the difficulty in the economy of the game. Perfect for those of us who are just looking for a relaxing experience without worrying about financial stability.
  • Train Fix for Realistic Traffic Density and Ratio : It’s your mod makes the game more fluid. Modify the average number of railways so they don’t intrude so much with your driving.
  • Extreme Ferry Connection : We love this, it serves to unblock connections maritime within our trips. Includes ferries that connect with all coastal cities.
  • Non-Flared Vehicle Lights Mod : Modify the quality and appearance of the original lights on your truck. Add a more realistic and modern result.

Truck mods

  • Scania XT ETS2 : Add the model with paint customization options and tunning. The truck will be like a Lego truck, completely adaptable to your tastes.
  • International lonestar custom ets2 : Add the specified truck model to the bot name. It will be personalized in a white color that will give the vehicle sobriety and class.
  • Kraz 255 : Of the most popular Among the online community of truckers, it grants a powerful Kraz with unique cockpit modes, wheels and sounds, customization choices.
  • Man TGX : Thanks to this mod you can now drive the prestigious Man TGX. Its inner part is impressively realistic. The chassis is 4×2 and can be almost completely customized.
  • Volvo FH 2013 : The truck with more options for variety and customization. It is in constant development so you can expect more surprises in this mod.
  • New UD Quon : A truck of Chinese origin, low cab and a 4×2 chassis. As with the rest, you can make many modifications to this mod.
  • DAF XF 105 : Get the latest model of this vehicle. It has an obvious and modern redesign inside and outside, but without losing the essence of a DAF.
  • Sisu M-series: Get an industrial truck suitable for super heavy loads.

Map mods

map mods

  • France and Spain Map : It contains the cities of Burgos, Bilbao, Santander, Madrid, Girona, Segovia and Irún in Spain; Toulouse and Bordeaux in France.
  • Grand Utopia Map : A robust mod that every pilot needs. It contains 39 cities. In total four highways and 18 new secondary roads. In total, the new area is 7,500 square kilometers.
  • Slovakia Map : A fan-made version of the Slovakia map. Unfortunately it is paid.
  • Rework Map Freeport – Papua New Guinea : You will find at your disposal a map of Papua New Guinea to explore.
  • Meditterranean Expansion : As says its name, this mod recreates all the coasts of the Mediterranean.
  • Rotas Josimar Map Mod : If you wanted a challenge this is your mod, it has additions of dangerous roads and steep roads.
  • Eldorado Map : It will give you the opportunity to visit a beautiful city apparently located in Brazil.
  • AwiBMoDEuropa : A new map and chaotic will appear in southern Europe Beware of bingeing!

These for now are the most useful and safe Mods to install in the game. If you need more Mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2 mods), you can check the pages of the same links that we provide.

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