A brand new Warframe update: What do you need to know?

Attention all ninjas and fans of the shooter and futuristic armor around the world . A new Warframe update is approaching on the horizon that will leave its more than 50 million users speechless.

If you are passionate about one of the most popular games in the world in the last decade, the announcement of a new Warframe update is always cause for joy. That is why HDGamers will help you in your thirst for knowledge and will tell you what the universe is up to Tenno for this year.

The announcement of the new Warframe update

The Digital Extremes work of art that has been on the market for just over 7 years, continues to captivate its more than 50 million fans . This time, it does so with a spectacular announcement as part of the start of its most recent event.

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Star Days , an event full of missions and great rewards, as well as incredible discounts on Prime Access , had reserved a big surprise. Beyond these attributes that, by themselves, are quite attractive.

It was the announcement of a new Warframe update that comes to complement a universe that is expanding faster every day. In addition, a special occasion deserves a presentation worthy of it and here we show it to you.

What does the new Warframe update bring?

If you were mesmerized by the new Warframe update trailer and missed the details of it, here is a summary. To start with it, we start from the most outstanding thing that it will bring.

Octavia Prime

Every new Warframe update always brings the Prime version of one of the characters to choose from. This time it was the turn of Octavia , one of the Tennos most powerful in the universe Warframe which will be available from February 23.

An important attraction that Octavia Prime will offer us will be to get their skills, weapons and equipment without meeting waiting times. It should be noted that this great feature will only be available if you obtain the most evolved version of Octavia from the Prime Access .

New missions

In case you still want to continue defeating the Clan Corpus members. The new Warframe update will bring us new and exciting missions in territories controlled by them .

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On the other hand, we will have the chance to meet new maps of the universe Warframe never explored. To this we add all the innovations regularly brought by those responsible for keeping this game at the top of the market gamer .

 new Warframe update Octavia Prime

When will the new Warframe update be available?

Beyond these incredible innovations that new Warframe update will bring to the Tenno universe. The question remains the same Is it what all Warframe fans are looking for?

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The truth is that we do not know. Rather, we won’t know until spring; it’s strange, we know. The fact that an update already came out at the end of January. One where we have not yet finished exploring the new expansion of this universe.

So it is difficult to understand why there will be a new Warframe update so soon. But, like any lover of futuristic robot battles with incredible dynamics, we can only be sure of one thing. The Tenno universe will continue to grow and it is our duty, as gamers , to enjoy it to the maximum of its capacity. Are you ready for a new adventure?

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