Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout brings great news to close the year

2020 was a very complicated year for all humanity. Interestingly, for video games like Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout represented a great opportunity to go out into the ring and show their full potential.

Not surprisingly, it quickly became one of the most viewed and downloaded games in the world. But with all great power comes great responsibility to create new ideas to stay on top. In this sense, Fall Guys is working hard and today, in HDGamers, we will tell you what are those ideas that surely more than one fan will love.

¿Squid Game en Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout?

In a recent Techradar interview, one of the Fall Guys designers,Joe Walsh revealed that they are working on new ideas to improve the gaming experience.

It should be noted that among them the creation of new modalities and challenges stands out; However, the most prominent for this battle royal is a green light and red light mode, does that sound familiar?

If they thought of Netflix’s popular Squid Game, you are correct. Surprisingly, Walsh claims it was an idea he had had since last year and had been scrapped on the grounds that it would not be strong enough to entertain players.

But the popularity of the Squid Game is bringing those ideas to the fore again. More so now that we have seen versions of the first challenge of the series in titles like Roblox and Fortnite with similar success to that of the series.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Halo in Fall Guys?

This idea is still in the pipeline about its possibility of leaving or not. On the other hand, users like @FgPancake have revealed, on their Twitter account, possible leaks for Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout that we will see very soon.

For this opportunity we talk about some Halo- themed apparel and accessories that will be available in the next update. All this in order to celebrate the Halloween event in style .

However, it is worth emphasizing that all of these remain mere speculations of what may happen to the immediate future of Fall Guys . Despite being great ideas that should be used to the fullest, speaking from a fan perspective, there is a feeling that time is being allowed to pass.

This way, these incredible improvements for Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will no longer have the power they are thinking it will have. More when a second season of Squid Game is not yet confirmed.What is clear to us is that the popular battle royal is entering that era where each step can be crucial to stay or disappear from the public arena. Do you think I can do it? Leave us your comment

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