Fortnite: Black Panther and Captain Marvel skins in game

Fortnite surprised us in Season 4, Chapter 2 when exclusive Marvel characters were introduced. As far as we know, Epic Games brought us amazing characters from the Marvel universe last season, like Iron Man, Thor or Wolverine . During that season, changes were made to the map where parts of the Marvel world were added. One of those places that appeared on the map belonged to Black Panther.

Because a monument and a new location were added on the map, it was expected that Black Panther will also make its way to Marvel’s roster of characters. However, this did not happen last season.

New leaks have emerged from data miners as they discovered that it added to the v15.10 update some skins that were encrypted by Epic Games. The skins of Black Panther, Captain Marvel were found and possibly there are other characters from the Marvel universe.

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Leaked skins of Black Panther and Captain Marvel in Fortnite

As we mentioned earlier, it was believed that the Black Panther skin would be added last season. Thanks to the data miners @Guille_Gag and @ShiinaBR, the opposite was shown in his recent Tweets.

Black Panther Skin

Probably not everyone knows who Black Panther is. We will give you a brief introduction about this beloved character.

Thousands of years ago, in Africa, five tribes fought over a meteorite that contains the metal vibranium. A warrior took a heart-shaped herb affected by vibranium, to which he then gave superhuman abilities by becoming the first Black Panther. Thanks to him, a new nation called Wakanda was born, made up of four tribes. Over time, the Wakandians made vibranium an important part of their technology development. In this way they managed to isolate themselves from the world to be more protected from outside dangers.

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As for the filmography, Chadwick Boseman was the actor who played Black Panther. It so happens that Fortnite added the Stalking of Black Panther shortly after the tragic death of Boseman , a huge monument that caused surprise on social media.

In the following image we can see how the Black Panther Skin looks:

Fortnite skin Black Panther

Captain Marvel skin

Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, a former Air Force pilot and intelligence agent. She decides to go after her dream of space exploration as a member of NASA, but her life drastically changes when she accidentally transforms into an alien-human (human-kree) hybrid with amazing powers.

Here you can see how the Captain Marvel Skin looks in the game:

Fortnite skin Captain Marvel

According to ShiinaBR, the new Marvel Skins will be included in a bundle called “Marvel: Royalty and Warriors Pack”. The package will be accompanied by the following text: “Warriors can be trained for any reason, be it the responsibility of a king, the duty of a soldier or the price of a hired weapon.”

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Now that we know that Black Panther and Captain Marvel Skins are coming to Fortnite soon. Which character do you like the most?


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