Fortnite: How to get the Dragon’s Breath Sniper and where is Flare

This week Flare (Blaze) was added as one of the new NPCs to Fortnite , plus you can get the exotic Sniper Breath of Dragon of her. Read on to find out where to find them.

Epic Games published the first update of the fifth season adding more characters to Fortnite. Very good news since the Fortnite characters give you the possibility to update your weapons, buy new weapons or obtain rewards and information.

Do not forget that purchases must be made with gold bars that you can get in cash registers, safes, collecting them from eliminated enemies, destroying objects and completing character missions or elimination contracts.

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Exotic sniper Breath of Dragon

Many of us have different exotic weapons from Fortnite, like the Boom Sniper rifle or the Storm Scout Sniper rifle . Some NPCs give you the opportunity to obtain Exotic weapons that can only be purchased from certain characters around the map, as in this case with Flare.

Each exotic weapon has better attributes and can be found on the map. In this aspect, the exotic Dragon Breath Sniper has the ability to produce fire or deal explosive damage when hitting your enemy , which means that you can set them on fire. It is highly recommended for arsonists.

Prior to the Fortnite v15.10 update, Epic Games sent an email to major content creators highlighting what would be added in the update. They mentioned that Flare (Blaze) has been added and it is equipped with an exotic class weapon for sale, the Dragon Breath Sniper. To combat the heat of this fiery weapon, cold weapons have been added to the game.

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We bring you everything you need to know to find and obtain the Dragon’s Breath Sniper.

Fortnite: Flare location and the exotic Dragon Breath Sniper

Fortnite: Where is it Flare and how to get the Dragon Breath Sniper

Exotic weapons are not that easy to obtain as they cannot be found by searching random chests or supply drops. You must buy it by finding the new Flare character.

Here comes the part where we help you, you can find Flare in two locations. Pay attention because if she appears in one of these places, you will not find her in the other place of appearance. Flare will appear in Pristine Point or Timber Tent .

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In the following image you can see the Timber Tent which is located between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges, and here is the exact location on the map:

Fortnite Timber Tent Map

The second location where you can find Flare is Pristine Point , it is located on the northeast side of the map between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. You may find it in the gray house or its surroundings. Here is the Pristine Point map location:

Fortnite Pristine Point

How much does the Exotic Dragon’s Breath Sniper cost?

To get the Dragon Breath Sniper you have to pay 1213 gold bars , so make sure you have enough bars before going on the search for Flare, as there are likely several players trying to find it and plan to buy this fiery rifle.

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