Overwatch 2 Skills: Major Changes

In the vast  gamer universe there are games so popular that we hardly think they can improve. But, in the case of Overwatch 2 we always had that feeling that something was missing related to the abilities of its characters .

Fortunately for the millions of fans of this great game, our prayers were answered. If you want to know more about the decision that was made regarding the abilities of Overwatch 2,  HDGamers will tell you.

The announcement of the abilities of Overwatch 2

The BlizzCon 2021 if it continues to talk about and in the best sense. On this occasion, they touched the point of one of their most important games.

We are talking about Overwatch 2 where they gave us the ability to customize our characters . The way to do this is simple, now we can improve the Overwatch 2 skill tree .

In this way, we have the opportunity to print our personal stamp on our characters . An idea that, without a doubt, has already won a huge amount of positive reactions about it.

habilidades de Overwatch 2

Will Overwatch 2 abilities be available in competitive mode?

Quite a valid question for any fan of the Overwatch universeMore so when it comes to a game that has a huge variety of fans and aspiring Overwatch League fans  .

Yes, the level of competition is a really important draw that makes this one of the most popular games. After all, how to ignore the fact that you can win a few thousand dollars in official tournaments.

However, if you were already thinking of creating a super powerful character with which you will be the first choice of any professional team . Sorry for giving you some bad news.

It is that the customization in the skills of Overwatch 2  will only be available for the PvE mode.

Even if you feel discouraged, you have to see the positive side of the situation. The one that tells us that now we can prepare better with each character and, when going to competitive mode, have developed our talent . Not everything is so bad, right?

When will it be available?

Importantly, during the presentation of this important announcement. The exact date for the arrival of this upgrade was not disclosed.

However, it was specified that it would be included in the next game update . On the other hand, something that really filled fans with joy is that  Blizzard  has promised to release updates for Overwatch 2 more frequently.

In conclusion, the fact that now we can improve the skills of Overwatch 2 to our liking is a great advance in the game. Perhaps this way they can capture a greater number of players who are not so motivated by duels . After all, the  gamer universe  considers the taste of every gamer in the world.

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