The Division 2: Season 5 release date?

The The Division 2 development team is hard at work producing new content that will arrive later in 2021 ; Meanwhile, we tell you what to expect about the new season The Division 2.

Year 2 kicked off last spring with the advent of The Division 2’s Warlords of New York expansion. Developer Massive Entertainment rolled out Year 2 Season 1 shortly after, introducing a second hunt for rogue division agents, along with new ones. global and league events. Players can expect upcoming seasons to come in the form of year 2 replays.

In the year since then, The Division 2 has received three additional seasons , as well as a second raid called Operation Iron Horse and The Summit PvE mode. Following the release of Season 4 in early December 2020, active players wondered if there might be more content in the works, given the silence from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment on the matter. Fortunately, the publisher and developer recently confirmed that there is a new batch of content for The Division 2 on the horizon, although it is now clear that the specifics will likely remain under wraps for the next several months.

blog post on the Ubisoft website describing” The Road Ahead “notes that Massive Entertainment is currently working in the next content update for The Division 2 , which consists of a new gameplay and “new ways to advance your agent with an emphasis on increasing build variety and workability.” A group of developers from Ubisoft Bucharest is assisting in the update, which will not be released until the end of 2021 at the earliest.

The Division 2 and Season 5

The Division 2 and Season 5

To pass the time, Massive Entertainment plans to release reruns of the Year 2 seasons ; therefore, Season 5 of Year 2 will take the form of Season 1 of Year 2. This move should allow players to collect collectibles and other rewards that were previously lost. At the time of writing, it is unclear if a possible Season 6 will simply include content from Season 2 and so on.

While it’s unfortunate that a proper Season 5, so to speak, isn’t on the agenda , a replay of past seasons could be a boon for some players. This is particularly true for those who did not participate in past events and consequently missed out on taking down some of the fiercest rogue agents in The Division 2 and beyond.

Massive Entertainment has a lot on its plate, in addition to The Division 2 updates . Production of the studio’s Avatar game began years ago; Earlier this year, the Ubisoft-owned group announced a partnership with Lucasfilm Games to develop an open-world Star Wars project. We look forward to that Season 5 of The Division 2.

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