Where are the planes in Fortnite, Free Skins and more surprises

We are in the best time of year and Fortnite has decided to surprise us with Operation Cooling, in which the fantastic snowman Criomando will accompany us. We are going to celebrate this Christmas event from December 18, 2020 until January 5, 2021 . By completing the Cryomaniac missions you can receive rewards and even free skins. Planes are back in Fortnite too!

After much waiting, Epic Games brought back the planes that were incredibly popular in the world. Chapter 1, Season 7 of Fortnite. We know they were surprised, but now the question we all ask ourselves is: Where are the Operation Cooling planes?

Keep in mind that Operation Cooling brings us new Fortnite challenges during all the days of the event.

How to get the Skins and what are the free rewards that the Cryomancer missions bring?

By completing the missions you will receive free rewards , such as the Surprise Safeguard backpacking accessory ( wrapped in gift wrap) or the Frost Spheres peak, hang gliders, a backpacking accessory and much more.

To obtain the Cryomancer Skin , you must complete nine missions. But if you manage to complete 12 missions, you will unlock the Frost Squad Winter Skin . So go for them, remember that they are free and can be yours permanently.

Fortnite aircraft operation cooling skins

MTL rotation and news

During Operation Cooldown we will have the opportunity to play in several MTLs, one of them is Masterful Navigator . Although the most exciting will be the MTL Shockwave , since it consists of pushing enemies into a storm. Finally, Spike Frenzy will debut as a new MTL.

Fortnite planes

Fortnite Planes: Outpost Locations

As we know the planes have returned to Fortnite and this is where you can find them. There are five outposts where Fortnite planes can be found Chapter 2, Season 5.

  • The first location is near Catty Corner and is the most reliable. It has been discovered that three planes can be found here. So here you will get at least one plane within walking distance.
  • The second location is north of Dirty Docks .
  • The third location is north of Pleasant Park .
  • The fourth location is south of Holly Hedges .
  • Lastly, the fifth location is near Slurpy Swamp .

Here is the image where are the locations of the planes in Fortnite:

Fortnite aircraft outposts

Please note! These outposts are currently flawed. It has been reported that some players cannot see outposts or planes in normal modes, however they can see them in Battle Lab mode.

Epic Games is expected to upload a patch soon to fix this issue with outposts. For our good luck, at least we already know where to find the Fortnite Chapter 2 season 5 planes.

Considering the locations of the planes in Fortnite, the permanent skins and the free rewards from Cryomancer; We hope you can enjoy the Christmas holidays by acquiring all the surprises that Epic prepared for us in this amazing Operation Cooling.


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