Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to check the IVs of my pokemon

Any coach wants to have the strongest Pokemon on his team. Luckily for us, in Pokemon Sword and Shield it will also be possible to check the IVs of all those creatures we capture, so pay attention.

In the event that you are a newbie and have no idea what the IVs are, they basically correspond to the potential of your pokemon in terms of the final stats that it will reach. This is set randomly between 0 and 31, so it can make a big difference in the training of your team.

If you have just discovered this, be prepared to spend long hours playing your pokemon while waiting for the perfect IVs to appear before you.

How to check my pokemon IVs

In Pokemon Sword and Shield it will be necessary to complete the game to obtain the so-called Judge Pokemon . This is an extra option that appears on the details screen when checking the information of a pokemon.

Once you are done with the story you should go to the city of Puntera and enter the Battle Tower . This is the building that is right in front of you when you land on the top of the map, so I don’t think you will get lost.

Start playing the competition with 3 pokemon at level 50 and battle like never before. You must kill all your opponents and, in the fifth round, defeat the mighty Leon .

Once you have achieved this victory you will unlock the Judge function and you will be able to review the IVs of all the pokemon you capture. If it is still not clear to you, here we leave you a video in which everything is explained with great clarity and simplicity.

Good luck with your training!

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