Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to disable Exp Share?

Finally the premiere of Pokemon Sword and Shield has arrived, along with which there have also been a lot of questions about the gameplay that it has. Among these, one of the main doubts is precisely how to deactivate the Exp Share .

In case you didn’t know, in the latest version of the most popular Nintendo franchise , the developers decided that the Share Experience feature is always active.

This means that, even though your pokemon placed in first position is the one who fights, the battle experience will be automatically transferred to all the rest . In other words, your team will always grow in a balanced way.

However, many coaches don’t like this, so here we want to show you how to disable this feature.

How to disable Exp Share?

To deactivate the Exp Share in Pokemon Sword and Shield we will have to remove all the pokemon that we do not want to level up , allowing our first pokemon to get all the benefits of the battle.

Strictly speaking, through this method, your pokemon would receive the same experience than leading your battles with the whole team in your pokeballs.

As you can see, inside Pokemon Shield and Sword there is no solution within the same video game , although we can manage to make it stop working.

We know that it is not the most elegant, but it is the only possible solution at the moment.

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