Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to evolve to Applin

Pokemon Sword and Shield each have an exclusive evolutionary element, and each one can be used to obtain a different evolution of the grass / dragon Pokemon Applin . In Sword, you can get an Apple Tart to evolve to Applin in Flapple , and in Shield, you can use a Sweet Apple to evolve to Appletun .

There are several Pokémon with branched evolution trees, in which several factors can determine if a Pokémon evolves in one form or another . Gloom , for example, can evolve to Vileplume through a sheet of stone or Bellossom through a stone from the sun. Pokemon Sword and Shield presents a new Pokemon with a branched evolution line, but in a unique way, it evolves differently depending on the version you are playing.

Applin evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield

As the names imply, this family has an apple theme. All you have to do is use Apple in an Applin as an evolutionary stone.

There’s a guy on the west side of Hammerlocke who will give you an idea of ??how to evolve Applin, and even give you the corresponding Apple article. You can also find a Pie or a Sweet Apple under a tree in the Eye of Axew in the Wild Area, and they are also one of the many rewards related to sweets for victory at Battle Coffees in Motostoke, Hammerlocke and Wyndon.

Evoluciones de Applin en Pokemon Espada y Escudo 2

While we have not yet been able to prove it, we assume that you can give an Apple to any other Pokémon to trade with a friend and get the article of the other version in your game so you can develop your Applin as you want. We will update this story when we can confirm if it works.

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