Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Ditto?

There are 400 creatures that are available in Pokemon Sword and Shield , and among them are some quite desired. This time we will help you learn how to capture Ditto , a pokemon of the most emblematic in the franchise.

This normal type pokemon does not throw any particular advantage in battles, since it does not have very powerful stats nor can it train in the best way. However, its function is a totally different one.

Being an adaptable and hermaphrodite pokemon , through Ditto we can carry out the entire pokemon breeding process and find eggs with new members for our team.

Remember that through this method you will be able to get really powerful creatures and whose stats stand out greatly in battles with other players.

How to catch Ditto

To capture Ditto we will have to unlock our Bike Rotom with the functionality to pass over the water . This is unlocked after completing the sixth gym, just when you make your way through Route 9.

With this ability in our inventory we will have to go to the Wild Area that is located under the city of Artejo . From here we will have to go to the left of the map, where we will find the Outrage Lake.

Once you have reached the area that remains after the lake, you should look in the grass and wait for all the necessary luck. Ditto has an appearance rate of only 10% , so don’t lose your patience.

Now that you know where to find Ditto, you only have to buy a few Pokeballs and go to the right place.

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