Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Eevee?

Finally we are able to enjoy all the news that Pokemon Sword and Shield brings us in its incredible region of Galar. And if you’re wondering how to get Eevee , here is the solution.

Eevee was the protagonist of one of the versions of the previous video game, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and is also one of the most popular pokemon throughout the franchise’s history.

An important note: This will only be possible if you played Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and you have the files stored in the memory of your Nintendo Switch.

The best part is that capturing Eevee in Pokemon Sword and Shield is not complicated at all, contrary to what you can imagine. Of course, you must meet the above requirement.

How to get Eevee?

To get Eevee it will not be necessary to advance much in history and you just have to play a couple of hours at most. This is available at the Wild Area train station , so stay tuned around.

At this point, when you get off the train for the first time, you will see a couple of people on the left side of the room. These are a girl and a boy , who have prepared a surprise for the most faithful players.

If you played Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, the boy will give you an exclusive Eevee as a gift for you. You will not have to do anything special, just nod to the conversation you propose.

In the event that, on the contrary, you will play Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, you should talk to the girl.

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