Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Glaceon and Leafeon?

We know that Eevee is a really important pokemon and that its evolutions allow us to enjoy a wide range of possibilities. This is why Pokemon Sword and Shield we can find several of these, among which Glaceon and Leafeon .

However, the mechanisms to achieve these evolutions will vary with respect to other deliveries and, in fact, will be much simpler. To get Glaceon and Leafeon we just have to have in our team an Eevee and the corresponding stones to each pokemon.

Then the really complicated thing in Pokemon Sword and Shield will be to get the ice and leaf stones , for which we will have to thoroughly explore the lands of Galar.

Do you want to know where these evolutionary stones are located? Well pay close attention to the following.

Where to find the Ice Stone and Leaf Stone

To meet these evolutionary stones with the greatest ease, it will be necessary that we have completed at least 6 gyms and that we get the functionality to ride on the water of the Rotom Bike .

This can be obtained on route 9 , after helping the same character who gave us the bike the first time. After a brief fight against those who bother him, the boy will update the Rotom and we can sail on the water.

Once with this element we will have to go to the Wild Area that is under the city of Artejo and head towards Enfado Lake. Cross this area of ??water and you will find a landscape with several large stones in front of you.

At the foot of these structures you will have at your disposal all the evolutionary stones you want, including the Ice Stone and the Leaf Stone . In this way you can evolve to Eevee and get Glaceon and Leafeon without any problem.

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