Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Pikachu?

Pokemon Sword and Shield has finally reached our hands and we can already enjoy the many novelties that Nintendo has prepared for us. This time we will help you learn how to get Pikachu , the most emblematic pokemon in the saga.

In order to get Pikachu you must be attentive and talk with most of the characters with whom you meet. After all, that’s what a good RPG is all about.

An important note: This will only be possible if you played Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and you have the files stored in the memory of your Nintendo Switch.

But well, in case you have already advanced a bit in history and still do not have it in your collection, it is very possible that you have lost it in your eagerness to progress as quickly as possible.

Only a couple of hours of play, at most, will be needed to capture Pikachu and make it part of your pokemon team.

Where to find Pikachu?

To get Pikachu it will be necessary to talk with one of the characters that are inside the train station of the Wild Area . In particular, she is the girl with whom she is immediately on the left when getting off the train.

She will ask you if you like Pikachu or have you ever had one, something like that. And without needing you to do anything but nod, she will give you a Pikachu exclusive to you.

If you did not play Pokemon Let’s Go, then you have had bad luck and you should look for other methods to include it in your pokedex. In the event that, on the contrary, you will play Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, you should talk to the girl.

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