Pokemon Sword: How to beat Bea in Stow-on-Side gym

The fourth gym in Pokémon Sword is in Lateral, and is against a fighting expert, Bea . Keep in mind that if you have Pokémon Shield, then fight a ghost-type gym leader, Allister, instead.

The Lateral gym is when things start to get a little difficult, so check out our guide below.


Bea’s gym has you spinning in a vehicle that works similar to a teacup trip from a carnival. Turn your analog stick so that it turns in the direction you want it to go, while letting the boxing gloves on the springs hit you in the right direction. Every time you delete a section, you will fight a gymnastics coach. After overcoming the challenge, you will face Bea.


Bea uses fighting-type Pokémon , and like other gyms, Gigantamax will be her last Pokémon, Machamp. Plan accordingly, as it will hit quite hard.

  • Hitmontop, level 34, fighting
  • Pangoro, level 34, fight / darkness
  • Sirfetch’d, level 35, fighting
  • Machamp, level 36, fighting


All Bea’s Pokémon are weak against flying, psychic and fairy Pokémon . Keep in mind that psychic movements will not affect Pangoro due to their dark type, but fairy movements will be four times more effective.

Here are some good Pokémon to catch and evolve for this gym, as well as the easiest places to find them:

  • Woobat, psychic / flying. Found in the Galar mine
  • Espurr, psychic. Found on route 5
  • Swirlix (sword only), fairy. Found on route 5
  • Spritzee (shield only), fairy. Found on route 5


After being the Lateral gym, you will get TM42, Revenge and a fight-type gym uniform to wear out of the gym’s challenges. You can also catch Pokémon up to level 40.

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