Best Online Casino Games for NJ Players

Best Online Casino Games for NJ Players

You are probably new to the online casino world and want to know which games are the best for you. Here we add reading experts’ reviews and browsing a credible list of online casinos in New Jersey to vet each game on your own to see what works for you can be daunting. Look for ideal games to spice up your gaming sessions. They must be highly entertaining, capable of building your bankroll, and probably offer something new in gaming. Whatever the case, we want to lend the helping hand you seek. Read on to discover all the best online casino games available in NJ online casino sites.

Roulette – Win more Money with the Best Variant

It’s the first game you should consider as a New Jersey player gambling at online casino sites for two good reasons. For one, it is easy to play, only requiring you to toss a ball after choosing your lucky number on the table. Secondly, it is one of the best games you can play for real money online, as it is not based on luck entirely. It is possible to master and apply proven strategies to increase your chances of beating online gambling casinos. Let’s look at the most popular variants you will come across. We will also let you know which is the best option for you.

European Roulette

The table of this variant is set apart by the single zero sitting alongside the thirty-six numbers. Remember, the essence of the zero in the game is to reduce your chances of winning if you put your money on all the other possible outcomes. In other words, any selection backing a number, black, red, odd, or even is a loser when the ball lands on zero.

American Roulette

With this variation, players get two zeros instead of one when gaming. The result is a table with thirty-eight segments in total. The arrangement of the numbers on the table is also different from the above variant.

French Roulette

Online casinos present one zero here as well. But if your pick is black, red, odd, or even, you may receive half of the amount you staked. It’s a rule known as Lar Partage in online gambling sites.

The latter is the best variant to play in this category because of the reduced edge of online casino sites. You will, however, notice that an operator, such as golden nugget casino, will evade the complicated nature of French Roulette and list a European version instead. It will still give you a better probability of beating the house.

Blackjack – Enjoy the Lowest House Edge

Blackjack, like roulette, is among the live dealer games not based entirely on luck. New Jersey online players can use cheat sheets and the best strategies to reduce the casino edge. As for the gameplay in blackjack, it involves beating the dealer to 21 using the sum of the value of your cards. You must, however, ensure that you understand the basics, including the terminology used, before gambling. You should know the meaning of dealer, hit, split, double, and surrender. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to play blackjack.

Slots Games – Win More Money with the Best Hacks

Popular with online casino bonus offers for New Jersey players, the best slot games present an even playground for everyone. Case in point, the arrangement of icons on the reels after every round is unpredictable. Even so, doing certain things might give you an advantage when playing slots.

The first is staking more when gambling on titles featuring a progressive. Doing so gives you the best chance of triggering the jackpot feature. Moreover, you should always look for new casino games with the best RTP. NetEnt’s Mega Joker slot and BTG’s White Rabbit Megaways are some slot games. You will find top casinos, such as golden nugget casino, that reduce the house edge by up to 1%. You should also try the new releases, as they promise the best RTPs. Depending on their stats and features, online slots fall under these categories:

High volatility slots

These are an unpredictable bunch in any new jersey online casino. Dead spins and low-value wins may come aplenty, but do not despair. Big winnings are always imminent. When gambling for real money online, your goal should be to extend your play time as much as possible with low stakes. These are usually the best online slots for high rollers.

Low volatility slots

These slots are the complete opposite of the former. You get loads of small to medium-value wins from start to finish, meaning that chances of depleting your bankroll are low. These are the best slots to play after signing up at one of the best real money casino websites in NJ if you are a first-timer.

Jackpot titles

As the name suggests, these slot games feature a fixed or progressive cash pot. While the latter gets pooled from that particular slot network, the former is fixed and usually lower. These are the best casino games to play if you fancy life-changing winnings.

Poker – Master the Hands to Hold ’em!

In video poker, the most important thing for New Jerseyans is understanding the rules. And as every video poker pro will tell you, the main one is mastering the different hands you can land. Gaming for real money online in poker is virtually impossible if you cannot differentiate between a straight and loyal poker flush. If you are playing poker, chances are high that Texas Hold ’em will be the variant you come across. It is one of the most popular live dealer games in this category.

Craps – Roll the Dice!

In craps, New Jersey players get many possibilities to bet on by predicting the outcome of a dice roll. There can be as many as twenty participants on the table, and guessing the results is tough. Observing trends can, however, be used to gain an edge. Another interesting fact about this game is that the name craps come from the numbers 2, 3, and 12, which always mean bad news for the player. That depends on whether you had gone for a “pass the line” or “don’t pass” selection. Most players go for the former.


Choose any of the five gaming options we discussed, and you will have a wholesome experience the next time you visit one of the best online casinos. Remember, each of them offers you something special. Firstly, if you want gaming with a certain degree of control. Secondly, you should consider video slots if you are after a great deal of entertainment and variety. Finally, craps and poker can be fun casino games if you are keen enough to observe trends. One thing remains constant, though. You must be willing to learn all the rules, no matter the game.

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