5G and Mobile Gaming: Our Prediction for the Years to Come

The success of mobile gaming has relied hugely on the development of better technology; things have come a long way from playing Snake on a Nokia! Modern smartphones can deliver beautiful graphics and handle fast-moving action, but low or fluctuating connectivity has sometimes ruined the experience.

4G has already transformed mobile play, and the roll-out of 5G is set to be a game-changer for the market. Although it was launched in 2019 with over 20 countries snapping up the technology right away, 5G isn’t yet available nationwide. Manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung have focused on developing handsets with 5G capability, and others are expected to follow suit shortly.

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So with all the technology available to bring 5G to mobile phones. What will this mean for the future of gaming?

Immersive Play

In the past, the graphics on the mobile were vastly inferior, but the latest wave of technology has already revolutionised the experience. Graphics are now vivid and clear, with mobile gaming comparable with desktop play.

However, 5G will take things further and deliver a gaming experience which is truly cutting edge. Sites such as JackpotCity Online Casino which offer live dealer play will benefit from 5G, with the visuals sharp and immersive.

mobile gaming

Millennials and younger audiences are far less tolerant of graphics which appear dated, and the inclusion of 5G will encourage more significant numbers to enjoy mobile play.

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If you’re wondering how all of this will affect the battery power, you can rest easy. At present, the best games and apps can suck up more battery power than a thirsty camel, but that won’t be the case as technology evolves. 5G is more efficient, delivering data-heavy files rapidly, and 5G handsets can process them without using the same level of resource. This means that in the future, those casino games you love could be brighter, clearer and more engaging while barely making a dent in the processing capacity or battery life.

Virtual Reality

VR technology has been around for a while, and although it has potential, it’s not yet been exploited to its fullest. Many players have VR headsets, but they’ve not been brought into casinos. However, many experts believe it’s only a matter of time.

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Live-action gameplay could be possible with VR, with slots an easy step for developers to take. Being able to walk into a virtual environment will make a simple game of slots even more compelling, but it’s more than just experiencing the game in 3D. In addition to being able to place bets for real cash, VR could offer the potential to interact with other players.

The uses for VR in a casino or gaming environment are almost limitless, but it’s only possible with the introduction of 5G. The rapid speed that 5G can bring will allow developers to reinvent play for the next generation.

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The difference is that you won’t need specialist equipment to access VR, or AR, because the technology will be integrated. With an enormous capacity for fast uploads and downloads, 5G allows large files to be processed rapidly.

While no-one really knows what 5G will be able to offer just yet. The visuals will undoubtedly be out of this world with speeds that blow 4G out of the water. Whether you want to hook up online for a game of Fortnite or head to a casino and check out the slots, 5G will make the experience more realistic than you ever could have expected.

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