It has a solution! Your AVI video repair

Oh no! You recorded a video in avi for yourself or a client and now it is corrupted. Believe it or not it’s true, video files sometimes get “corrupted” usually at the worst time. There are hopes! We will teach you how to fix it through the avi repair, you will have your videos back easy and fast.

What does it mean if my avi video is damaged or corrupt?

Let’s see, to explain it to you as easily as possible: When an avi file is damaged, specifically when it indicates that it is “corrupt”, it means that e l contained in it is, but organized differently, not appropriate.

repair avi video

In other words the file has small parts that are out of order or missing, This makes many applications unable to read them and for this reason they throw the dreaded error of “ avi file corrupt or not available ”.

The video is there, but parts of it are missing, or it is arranged in such a way that the program cannot read it but How is this possible? First we will teach you how to solve it, if you are interested in knowing why it happens and how to avoid it, keep reading until the end.

How to do Video avi repair

Don’t worry, your videos will be back, the most common is that in the transfer of them, from the card to your computer, something has happened and your video is now corrupt.

To recover them just use an avi video repair software, that works specifically with that format. Our recommendation in HD Gamers is the Stellar avi repairer.

 avi repairman


This tool specializes in avi videos, with a recovery rate soaring. It can repair video files that were damaged during recording, transferring, editing or conversion process, it is prepared for all cases.

So far it has worked for us in all the cases of avi videos that we have tried to recover, 5 out of 5 all successfully.

Avi video repair for Mac and Windows

Yes, you were wondering and this software that we recommend is suitable for both Windows and Mac. It will be your solution regardless of the operating system you have, the brand of your computer, or the video camera with which you have taken the file. As long as they are avi videos, it fixes them without problems.

Repair avi on Windows.

Repair avi on Mac.

More avi repair tools

We liked this avi repairman above others because not only does it basic. If your video cannot be read it will recover it, but it does not stay there: Does your video stutter? Stellar Avi Repair Will Fix It Your avi video is blurry for no reason? As long as it’s not a focus problem, Stellar fixes it. Video in avi flickers? In a few clicks no more.

 stellar repairman avi

This tool seems to us i nispensable to have it on hand if you are a content creator, influencer, or simply keep a lot of memories.

Why do we stick with Stellar < / a>?

In addition to its efficiency (So far we have recovered all the videos .avi) and its tools, we liked this repairman because it is one of the few that allows you to preview the videos before recovering them completely.

how to recover mp4 files

So far these are the avi video errors that we have effectively fixed with Stellar:

  1. Avi videos out of sync.
  2. Avi videos frozen, or choppy for no reason.
  3. Fix the “QuickTime Error”
  4. “Media file upload error”
  5. “The video cannot be loaded”
  6. Audio out of sync or damaged
  7. Videos that look blurry on the computer but not on the camera.

The app offers more features than these, but specifically it is on those that were presented to us and we were able to solve. If you want to know more about the program you can consult its official website.

Why are avi videos damaged?

The most common thing is that it happens due to transmission errors (From your camera or phone to your computer), by virus attacks or by applications that use them and malfunction.

why avi files get damaged

We explain it further, the most common case are transfer errors when you use an SD card to pass the videos .avi Surely that’s what happened to you! No?

Usually the file gets corrupted when the pass is very slow, there a data failure occurs, if the file is very heavy, the SD card is not good or the cable you are using is a poor quality USB, the data may be written incorrectly.

Let’s say, a misunderstanding between the speed at which the card outputs the information and the speed at which the cable or port copies it.

The second most common case is the attack by a malware or virus, that makes the program that is reading the video malfunction, let’s say premier.

As a result the file gets corrupted, gets messy, overwritten so that it can no longer be read.

How to avoid corrupting videos in .avi?

  • The first step is keep your system protected for malware or viruses and scan it frequently.
  • Never, in n any scenario eject or disconnect the storage device during the pass of the files.
  • Always ejects devices before disconnecting them, this way you will avoid future error problems in avi video files.
  • Avoid turning off the device when a video file is playing. Close all files before executing a shutdown.
  • When whether you’re on the camera or on the phone avoid turning off the device while watching the video. On mobile the best thing you can do is close all files before shutting down.
  • Never convert .avi videos to other formats if not necessary and if it is the case use reliable converters.

If you follow these steps very strangely you will need to do avi repair for your videos. In all other cases download Stellar to solve.

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