Block adult content to your children’s on all devices

We know that one of your main concerns is your children’s internet activity . There are plenty of inappropriate stimuli on television, social media, and sites like YouTube. If you want to learn how to effectively block adult content to your children, read on.

Now even the music videos have stopped having history and they seem only be interested in showing more and more inappropriate scenes to our children.

Luckily there are ways to control what your children see r when they are at home, or away with their friends.

You should only install on devices that use a good system adult content blocker. Here t e we will recommend one that works perfect and has many other useful tools.

How to block child adult content?

What you need is a powerful ponography blocker, that knows how to attack censored content of any kind, for this we recommend Net Nanny.

block porn to children

The best and cheapest adult content blocker on the market. Not only will you be able to decide which pages your child can access, but it will block any website, application, videos and photos that are detected as adult content.

Why choose Net Nanny?

First and foremost, it works perfectly to block adult content on your children’s devices, wherever it comes from.

Regardless of origin the advanced adult content control software from Net Nanny will be in charge of blocking the source: It does not matter if it is a web page, a photo, an application, a post on social networks … If Net Nanny detects it as adult content, it will delete it.

as block porn on my son's phone

It also works remotely , so if you change the network, or go to a friend’s house, your child will not be able to see inappropriate content.

More importantly, will throw you alerts , so you can see any inappropriate activity that tries to be executed from your child’s mobile or iPad.

It also has another set of essential tools for concerned parents.

What does Net Nanny offer?

  • Parental control

You can manually decide what content to block and what content to allow view from each device that your child uses, also the times in which he uses them.

  • Internet Filtering

For you to decide how much it consumes and what type of images or videos can be uploaded with the internet from the device. With filtering you can control the internet bill every month, or that something too heavy is downloaded without your authorization.

  • Blocking adult content

This tool is basic, removes any type of content detected as adult content, both pages and photos, videos and even pop-up advertisements.

  • Screen time management

Fundamental, you can decide how long and at what times your child is online. Perfect to avoid being distracted during hours of homework, that with this quarantine.

Alerts you to all strange, suspicious activity and gives you data useful information about the online activity of the whole family.

  • Website blocking

To completely remove access to unwanted sites.

  • Locator

You can instantly locate your son’s location or your daughter’s by middle of the phone, or find it when you get lost.

  • App blocking

You can not only limit access to internet pages, but also b block the use of unwanted applications, or check when your little one enters Tik Tok for example.

  • Parent board

A place where you can easily manage all Net Nanny in a visual way. The ease with which it can be used was the last thing that led us to recommend this program, it really is intuitive, it handles without complications.

How do I talk about sexuality with my children?

First, your sex ed must come from trusted sources, you can’t let him get all the information himself, at home the theme must exist.

 porn blocker

To prevent you from being in contact with bad sources or that your first contact with sex life is adult content use a parental control program for the internet.

There are 4 keys to be able to c Discuss sexual health issues with your child if he is young:

  1. Never tease or laugh , even if your child’s question is formulated in one funny way. It is necessary to give the subject the right seriousness, if you laugh, the child could take it as a joke or could not ask more to avoid teasing.
  2. Don’t be too serious , yes you should take the subject seriously but not for that to be strict or seem annoying. Curiosity in children is good, if instead of advice you respond with something that looks like a scolding, surely < / span> next time it will consult someone else.
  3. Be brief , answer the child’s question in the most accurate and timely manner possible.
  4. Answer honestly, do not invent terms or say half-truths, the best when the Restlessness in a child is answering accurately.

Idifferent, blocking adult content from children is the best thing you can do at an early age or with people who have special conditions, for this your ideal option is Net Nanny. If you are interested in these topics, maybe you should know if your child has addiction to video games.

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