What happened to my video? How to do a quick MKV Repair

You’re ready, you spent a whole season of your series, or your movies for the weekend, you have the place, the goodies and even the company … But videos won’t play . If you recently copied MKV movies, they may be “corrupted.” We show you how to do MKV repair in no time.

What is the MKV format?

MKV is one of the many languages ​​of the Matroska format. It is like an open container, a file in which a large amount of video, audio images and subtitle tracks can be deposited, all in the same “video ”.

what is mkv

Due to its characteristics, it usually happens, more often than we would like, that MKV videos are damaged when transferred from one device to another . In this article we will teach you how to repair them and how to avoid it happening again.

How to do MKV Video Repair

You don’t have to worry, you can see your movie or your series today. with this recommendation they will be as new. What usually happens is that in the transfer of the .mkk, from one device to another something goes wrong and your videos become unreadable, “corrupt”.

To recover .mkv videos you need download a mkv repair software that works specifically with the format. I am not very common, this format is complex and not all repairmen read it, luckily we found one that works perfectly.

Our recommendation in HD Gamers is the Stellar mkv repairman

 repair mkv



This is a tool specialized in MKV repair, the effectiveness rate is high. Repair your movies, series, subtitles or any other damaged file.

At the moment we have been able to recover all the videos we need, no it has failed us in none, so we recommend it.

Repair MKV for Mac and Windows

No matter what brand of computer or operating system you use, S tellar Mkv repair works for both Mac and Windows and is compatible with all computer brands.

You just have to transfer the video to a computer, download the program and you will be minutes away from being able to resume your Sunday movies like nothing.

As long as the video is from .mkv the program will repair your videos.

If you need the Mac version, click here.

If you need the Windows version click here.

What does it mean if my mkv video is damaged or corrupt?

This would be the simplest explanation: When an mkv file is damaged, specifically when the error that “it is corrupt” appears, it means that e l content in it is messy, misspelled.

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So your mkv video has little parts that are out of order or missing, this makes many applications unable to read them and only give you the classic error: “mov file corrupt or not available”. It happens frequently in Mkv because they are files with many layers of content inside, prone to copying badly.

 how to repair mkv movies

Your mkv video is there, but parts of it are missing, or it is arranged in such a way that the program cannot read it How is this possible? Easy, let’s do a practical example:

We usually copy and play these videos many times , a friend downloads one series, let’s say the new Spiderman movie, this one passes it to a hard disk, after that disk you transfer it to your computer and from there perhaps to a pendrive to take it to the place where you want to see it.

  • What usually happens is that between one of many passes of the file from one place to another the same s and wrote messy , maybe because you moved the USB cable you were using, or because there was a virus bothering the whole process.

That the file is messy does not mean that Spiderman starts killing the green goblin and ends up without powers, no, it means that pieces of the video were intertwined with the subtitles or were double typed when you were copying the file.

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Why do we stick with Stellar ?

In addition to its efficiency (So far we have recovered all the videos .MKV) and its tools, we liked this repairman because it is one of the few that allows you to preview the videos before recovering them completely.

 repair mkv video

So far these are the mkv video errors that we have effectively fixed with Stellar:

  1. Avi videos out of sync.
  2. Avi videos frozen, or choppy for no reason.
  3. Fix the “QuickTime Error”
  4. “Media file upload error”
  5. “The video cannot be loaded”
  6. Audio out of sync or damaged

Why are .MKV videos corrupted?

The most common case happens due to transmission errors (From your camera or phone to your computer), by virus attacks or by applications that use them and malfunction.

mkv repair

How to avoid corrupting videos in .mkv?

  • The first step is keep your system protected for malware or viruses and scan it frequently.
  • Never, in n any scenario eject or disconnect the storage device during the pass of the files.
  • Always ejects devices before disconnecting them, this will prevent future mkv video file error problems.
  • Avoid turning off the device when a video file is playing. Close all files before executing a shutdown.
  • When you are on the camera or on the phone avoid turning off the device while watching the video . On mobile the best thing you can do is close all files before turning it off.
  • Never convert .mkv videos to other formats if not necessary and if it is the case use reliable converters.

If you listen to us and always respect these rules you will avoid having to make mkv repair to a video.  Coming to a friend’s house, making the popcorn, sitting down, and discovering that the video is useless is an unpleasant feeling. For all other cases, luckily, there is Stellar.

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