How to monitor what your children see on the internet

Do not trust strangers, “If someone different looks for you at school, do not get on”, “Do not accept gifts from strangers” . .. During the day and when they are not with us we make an effort and worry about taking care of our children And when they come home? Watching children on the internet is as important as making it out of it.

We wrote this article as concerned parents tech lovers, to find an effective solution to protect to our internet children , we start with data:

Only in the first quarter of 2018 Google had to eliminate 8 MILLION of videos for children from YouTube who had inappropriate or scary content.

Do you know what you are seeing, learning or even worse who your little one is talking to while they are safe at home with your mobile or your Ipad?

monitor children on the internet

It seems a difficult battle to fight , but it is not, just you need a parental control software .

“I saw a show that seemed to be Pepa Pig, but I noticed that a character set the house on fire, trying to kill the others”

BBC, Parent interviewed for “Disturbing YouTube videos” article

The intentional m who target our children they know that it is much easier to access them online, there they can attack, because parents are off guard.

How to monitor children on the internet?

If your concern is threats such as pedophiles, pornography, non-content suitable for your age, radical groups, news; or simply the time your child spends on the screen, what you need is a family protection software.

In HD gamers we did the homework for you, we investigated the 12 programs family protection providers, looking for the one that offered all the necessary features at the cheapest price, the one we liked the most was Net Nanny. Keep reading, we will tell you how and what we use it for.

 Program to watch children on the internet

In this world where we pay for everything by subscription, the accounts in the end seem to multiply: The internet, the VPN, the ZOOM membership that we had to buy because of the quarantine and stop tell. That is why we decided on the family protection plan with fair membership.

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Why do we like Net Nanny?

Simple, when we started our research we said: We need a parental control company that is secure, that is not new and has flexible plans. Of all those that met the above characteristics the cheapest and with more years of experience was Net Nanny.

 how to monitor children on the internet

What does it offer?

These are the features that we use the most , as parents, within Net Nanny for just 37 cents </ b > on each screen.

  • Parental control:

You can manually decide what content to block and what content to allow view from each device that your child uses, also the times in which he uses them.

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Personally I thought it was useful for my daughter no It will only avoid entering inappropriate pages, but block access at certain times to sites like “You Tube” or even “You Tube Kids”. I prefer to give you freedom in those networks when I can be around to hear what is watching.

I made this decision after confirming that my niece had encountered the Sinister Goofy and to investigate cases of apparently normal videos where children are “taught” to hurt themselves.

how to avoid human goofy

Even in channels exclusively for children content with malicious intent is filtered That is why I prefer that my daughter only see them at certain times.

  • Internet Filtering

For you to decide how much it consumes and what type of images or videos can be uploaded with the internet from the device.

With filtering you can control the internet bill every month, or that something too heavy is downloaded without your authorization.

  • Blocking pornography

This tool is basic, removes any type of content detected as pornography , both pages and photos, videos and even pop-up advertisements.

  • Screen time management

Fundamental, you can decide how long and at what times your child is online. Perfect to avoid being distracted during hours of homework, which with this quarantine has become difficult.

You can also manage what hours the device has internet, perfect for ensure that children do not wake up with their cell phones.

Finally we found it useful to take stock of What do you use the device for most? So find out how much time you spend on social networks, studying, etc.

  • Alerts and reports

Alerts you to all strange, suspicious activity and gives you data useful information about the online activity of the whole family.

  • Website blocking

To completely remove access to unwanted sites.

  • Locator
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You can instantly locate your son’s location or your daughter’s by middle of the phone, or find it when you get lost.

  • App blocking:

You will not only be able to limit access to Internet pages, but also b block the use of unwanted applications, < / b> or check when your little one enters Tik Tok for example.

  • Parent board

A place where you can manage all Net Nanny easily in a visual way. The ease with which it can be used was the last thing that led us to recommend this program, it really is intuitive, it is handled without complications.

If you are interested in the topic of online safety, here we recommend games to enjoy with your children.

I hope we have helped you take a step towards a safer life, monitor children on the internet is as important as doing it outside of it. For modern parents a program parental control is the solution.

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