Dauntless: Weapons Tier List – Updated 2021

It is common to wonder what would happen if role-playing video games had never existed for what we know today as the gamer community. Remembering that they were practically part of those pioneering genres in the industry and that they continue to have large followers. And it is not for less if it has with games like Dauntless with such a great variety of weapons that deserve their own tier list.

It should be noted that you cannot go to a world plagued by ferocious beasts and creatures that will claim the same territory that you are posing without any protection. Although it is a simple game, HDGamers brings you the Dauntless Weapons Tier List so that you can embark on a fun-filled adventure discovering great mysteries and, why not, eliminating some monsters that seek to destroy the humanity.

What is Dauntless?

To start any trip it is always recommended to know, at least, the most basic data of the objective and this is no exception. That is why before talking about the Dauntless Weapons Tier List we have to comment on what the game is really about.

And as we have been saying, talking about Dauntless is to mention a great offer that brings us the role-playing genre where we can go on adventures and missions to a world full of enemies. It is important that it consists not only of creatures and monsters that threaten the existence of the various villages but also of other players who seek the same glory as you.

Likewise, we can highlight that it has an incredible graphics engine that will make you feel that you are really fighting with all the enemies. In this way, you will be able to live a unique experience and see why Dauntless is one of the most popular role-playing games of the moment.

What is the Dauntless weapon tier list?

At this point it becomes relevant to return to the idea that we previously exposed in the entry. Being a video game that belongs to the role-playing genre, has a huge variety of options to equip your character.

From potions, accessories to armor and weapons that will give you the opportunity to specialize in any of the branches of profession that Dauntless offers you. But, as for what is really important at the moment, the catalog of weapons in this game is really considerable and you will hardly be able to quickly learn which ones are the best for each occasion.

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A situation in which HDGamers decided to contribute by bringing the Dauntless Weapons Tier List where you will have all that information related to these important tools. After all, they will be a great ally on your journey that, in many opportunities, will represent the difference between life and death.

What is the HDGamers Dauntless weapon tier list like?

After knowing a little about this game and what the Dauntless Weapons Tier List that we bring to our readers consists of. It is time to get down to business and start talking about the way in which we structure this guide to facilitate your navigation.

To begin with, we have to tell you that, based on the following evaluation criteria, we were able to build a material where we have been able to generalize the potential of each of the weapons available in the game.

General damage

As the name implies, is the natural attack and damage capacity of the weapon. Simply put, it is the approximate base value of effect on the hit points of your target that they exert.

However, they will always have to be in balance with other aspects such as the speed of the attack or the mobility of your character to be really efficient. Obviously, those that reach this level of stability are the highest rated within this Dauntless Weapons Tier List.

Efficiency in each game mode

As strange as it sounds, there are weapons that are more capable in solo play than in multiplayer. Perhaps this becomes a more subjective aspect, what does become a fact is that they will always depend on the weapon configuration that the team presents.

In this way, we can find a large number of variants within the classification around this point. However, as in the previous case, we have been able to establish an assessment that considers a middle point between the two. In other words, the options that you will see below within our Dauntless Weapons Tier List are just as competent for any game mode you choose.

Ease of use

A point of great importance in any role-playing game, and much more in one where mobility is more realistic as presented by Dauntless is the control that you can always have over your weapon . In this sense, as long as you can control almost perfectly the inertia that each one of them possesses, your control over them will be better and better and, therefore, you will have a much more efficient weapon in combat.

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However, not all of them will be easy to master. This is where the immense variety of configurations that Dauntless presents for the enjoyment of its users. You just have to train and find the one that best suits your style of play.

Ability to interrupt

A crucial factor in ranking involves a weapon’s ability to boo or disrupt Behemoth attacks. This ensures that the weapon can support the Vampire Hunt in both single and multiplayer modes, creating openings so they can deal a lot of damage to the Behemoth.

Based on all these criteria, we were able to create a guide where all the weapons in the game are grouped into various categories. Likewise, within each of them you will find multiple level options which makes this Dauntless Weapons Tier List a fairly precise tool when it comes to finding the characteristics and capacity of these great allies in the fight.

Dauntless tier list de armas

The Dauntless weapon tier list

After knowing all this immense wealth of information about the Dauntless Weapons Tier List is the most anticipated moment where you will know each and every one of the various axes, swords and blades that will make this one of your favorite games for a long time.

Tier S

This is the highest level of classification where you will find the most balanced and complete weapons in the entire game.


  • Level S
    • Incinerator’s Song.
    • Terminal Voltage.
    • Malignant Scourge.
    • Mindsplitter.
  • Level A
    • Charred Cleaver.
    • Ember Scythe.
    • Inferno’s Decree.
    • Turmoil of Boreus.
    • Pangar’s Grace.
    • Winter Gale.
    • Thundering Scythe.
    • Nayzaga’s Scythe.
    • Storm Cutter.
    • Kharabak’s Claw.
    • Sovereign’s Wrath.
    • Skarn’s Judgment.
    • Edge of Dawn.
    • Valomyr’s Decree.
    • Stalker’s Mercy.
    • Reaper of Night.
  • Level B
    • Recruit’s Ax.
    • Raging Bite.
    • Quillshot’s Fury.
    • Song of the Shrike.

Ostian Repeaters

  • Level A
    • Inferno Barrel.
    • Blizzard Barrel.
    • Storm Barrel.
    • Sylvan Barrel.
    • Dawnstar Barrel.
    • Twilight Barrel.
    • Volcanic Barrel.
    • Dynamic Carbine.
    • Animus Barrel.
    • Eldritch Barrel.
  • Level B
    • Standard Barrel.

Dauntless tier list de armas

Tier A

An intermediate level that will present you with a series of quite interesting alternatives to try.


  • Level S
    • Magma Quake.
    • Galvanic Impact.
    • Unsteady Ground.
    • Sanity Check.
  • Level A
      • Charred Crusher.
      • Ember Maul.
      • Inferno’s Burden.
      • Brutality of Boreus.
      • Pangar’s Rampage.
      • Winter Squall.
      • Thundering Maul.
      • Nayzaga’s Charge.
      • Storm Hammer.
      • Kharabak’s Jaw.
      • Sovereign’s Grudge.
      • Skarn’s Vengeance.
      • Break of Dawn.
      • Valomyr’s Burden. </ li>
      • Stalker’s Price.
    • Fall of Night.
    • Molten Edict.
  • Level B
    • Recruit’s Hammer.
    • Raging Crash.
    • Quillshot’s Roar.
    • Fall of the Shrike.


  • Level S
    • The Cauterizer.
    • Cyclonic Fury.
    • Poisonous Thorn.
    • Voidbane.
  • Level A
    • Charred Saber.
    • Ember Cutlass.
    • Inferno’s Razor.
    • Onus of Boreus.
    • Pangar’s Call.
    • Winter Ice.
    • Thundering Blade.
    • Nayzaga’s Razor.
    • Storm Sword.
    • Kharabak’s Spur.
    • Sovereign’s Torment.
    • Skarn’s Rancor.
    • Call of Dawn.
    • Valomyr’s Regard.
    • Stalker’s Strike.
    • Verge of Night.
  • Level B
    • Training Sword.
    • Recruit’s Sword.
    • Raging Blade.
    • Quillshot’s Tusk.
    • Cry of the Shrike.

Aether Strikers

  • Level S
    • Tectonic Faults.
    • Mistral Currents.
    • Agents of Decay.
    • Fractured Realities.
  • Level A
    • Charred Hands.
    • Ember Fists.
    • Inferno’s Flames.
    • Brawlers of Boreus.
    • Pangar’s Punishers.
    • Winter Wolves.
    • Thundering Bolts.
    • Nayzaga’s Shockers.
    • Storm Breakers.
    • Kharabak’s Pincers.
    • Sovereign’s Sceptres.
    • Skarn’s Smashers.
    • Hands of Dawn.
    • Valomyr’s Visions.
    • Stalker’s Scorn.
    • Hands of Night.
  • Level B
    • Recruit’s Strikers.
    • Raging Fists.
    • Quillshot’s Shredders.
    • Fists of the Shrike.

Dauntless tier list de armas

Tier B

This is the last level of ranking and in a nutshell, here you will only find weapons that you should use as a last option.

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Chain Blades

  • Level S
    • Scorching Agony.
    • Electric Cruelties.
    • Death Blossoms.
    • Night Terrors.
  • Level A
    • Charred Blades.
    • Ember Blades.
    • Inferno’s Fangs.
    • Destiny of Boreus.
    • Pangar’s Claws.
    • Winter Winds.
    • Thundering Cutters.
    • Nayzaga’s Reach.
    • Storm Blades.
    • Kharabak’s Wings.
    • Sovereign’s Lash.
    • Skarn’s Malice.
    • Fangs of Dawn.
    • Valomyr’s Revenge.
    • Stalker’s Trap.
    • Eyes of Night
  • Level B
    • Recruit’s Chain Blades.
    • Raging Teeth.
    • Quillshot’s Bonehooks.
    • Flight of the Shrike.

War Pike

  • Level S
    • Pyroclastic Envoy.
    • The Conductor.
    • Parasitic Curse.
    • The Apocalypse Needle.
  • Level A
    • Charred Spear.
    • Ember Pike.
    • Inferno’s Arrow.
    • Revolution of Boreus.
    • Pangar’s Tooth.
    • Winter Vortex.
    • Thundering Spear.
    • Nayzaga’s Fang.
    • Storm Pike.
    • Kharabak’s Sting.
    • Sovereign’s Sorrow.
    • Skarn’s Spite.
    • Spire of Dawn.
    • Valomyr’s Hope.
    • Stalker’s Spike.
    • Gyre of Night.
  • Level B
    • Recruit’s War Pike.
    • Raging Cruelty.
    • Quillshot’s Javelin.
    • Scream of the Shrike.

Last observations on the Dauntless weapon tier list

To end this extensive tour of this guide on Dauntless Weapons Tier List we have decided to save some recommendations to facilitate your game and thus be able to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

And it is about always trying to use medium-level weapons while taking the first steps in the game since they are the ones that have the best virtues in terms of control. Once you know the basic mechanics of the game, if you can advance to a higher level.

However, this will only be achieved with practice and, obviously, knowing the information that we have provided in this Dauntless Weapons Tier List. Therefore, the only thing left to do is invite you to enjoy an incredible adventure in a world full of mysteries and challenges that will challenge all your gamer skills.

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