TSM, Team Liquid and FlyQuest: NA Fails at Worlds 2020

With the Worlds 2020 Group Stage over, the biggest criticisms point to North America , whose three representatives were overwhelmed due to their low and disappointing level.

The main concern is that it is one of the regions with the highest income and investment in eSports worldwide , in addition to having a huge number of followers throughout the continent.

Team Liquid: Humiliating Elimination

If we were to rescue any of the NA representative teams, perhaps we could have a few words for Team Liquid . Despite their dismal performance, they were the only team in their region that reached the last game with qualification options for the Playoffs phase .

However, his options were never in his hands and his luck was in the hands of G2 , the representative team of Europe, the eternal rival of North America. Unfortunately the Europeans fell and Team Liquid took tickets back home.

Neither Broxah, the raucous signing they made for the Jungle , was able to bring any glimmer of hope to the team. A weak game on all lines, lack of clarity when moving around the map and a worrying lack of coordination were the main characteristics of this dull team.

TSM: Historical Record

Luckily for Team Liquid, their participation was still far from as bad as TSM’s. The team led by Bjergsen was not able to win a single game and left one of the worst images in memory of a team in the Group Stage.

To add drama to this Spanish participation, TSM became the first team to arrive as seed 1 from its region to leave Worlds without winning a single match .

A passivity that was exasperating to see, were bad individual performances and errors typical of Iron players some of the impressions left by the current NA champion, after two editions without reaching the League of Legends World Championship .

If you think we are exaggerating with the “Iron players” thing, check out this play:

FlyQuest: Flavorless Team

Finally we reached FlyQuest , the second classified in NA after losing the LCS final against TeamSoloMid. They won 3 games in their group, including a surprise victory over Top Esports , the leading candidate to win Worlds.

However, we must also say that their other two victories were obtained against Unicorns of Love who, like TSM, were not able to achieve a single victory in the Group Stage.

A team without surprise, slow in making plays and without any outstanding individual performance that could give them a boost in mastering Summoner’s Rift.

After this shameful participation of NA, many wonder how is it that they continue to maintain so many quotas for the instance that supposedly brings together the best teams in the world.

A huge wake-up call for the region, which we hope will see a level rise in the coming years.

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