Um dos melhores Metroidvanias de 2023 está ganhando uma edição de colecionador

Imagem dinâmica de uma criatura com asas de fogo do melhor jogo Metroidvania de 2023, que será lançado em breve como uma edição de colecionador

Blasphemous 2, celebrated as one of the standout Metroidvania titles of 2023, is set to charm its fans further with the release of a special Collector’s Edition. Known for its dark and immersive world, reminiscent of Castlevania and Dark Souls, Blasphemous 2 combines haunting enemies with a meticulous combat system. With a vast map brimming with secrets and formidable bosses, the game promises around twenty hours of engaging gameplay. Following its initial release in both physical and digital formats, the game is now poised to offer a unique experience for collectors on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The Collector’s Edition, priced at $100, is scheduled for release on April 30, with preorders already underway.


Inside the Blasphemous 2 Limited Collector’s Edition:


A premium finish collector’s edition box

A sleek Steelbook case

An exclusive Collector’s CD cover

The digital soundtrack of the game

A detailed instruction manual

Two CDs featuring the haunting music of Carlos Viola

A 60+ page comprehensive game guide

The unique Marca Del Martirio metal coin

A set of art cards featuring 3 new illustrations

A Certificate of Authenticity for collectors

An expansive album with more than 60 pages of illustrations

Fans can place their preorders for this limited edition at major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon for both Switch and PS5 versions.


While there are no specific preorder bonuses, the collection of exclusive memorabilia in this edition is likely to allure the ardent followers of Blasphemous 2.


In our review, Blasphemous 2 earned an impressive 9/10 score, with critic Richard Wakeling commending its significant enhancements over the original and its captivating art style.


“Blasphemous 2 excels where its predecessor laid the groundwork, blending a unique, grim aesthetic with the intricate gameplay mechanics of Metroidvanias and Souls-like games,” Wakeling observed. “The sequel has not only addressed the shortcomings of the first game but has evolved into an enthralling journey that consistently captivates.”


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This Collector’s Edition of Blasphemous 2 not only serves as a treasure for collectors but also as a testament to the game’s impact and appeal within the gaming community. Its comprehensive array of collectibles and exclusive content makes it a desirable acquisition for fans and collectors alike. The anticipation surrounding this release underscores the game’s status as a significant entry in the Metroidvania genre and its lasting appeal to players who appreciate deep, immersive gaming experiences.

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The Review

Blasphemous 2 Limited Collector's Edition


  • Itens Exclusivos: Edições de colecionador frequentemente incluem itens exclusivos como arte, trilhas sonoras, e figuras, aumentando o valor para fãs.
  • Apreciando a Arte do Jogo: Edições de colecionador oferecem uma oportunidade para os fãs apreciarem a arte e o design do jogo de uma maneira mais tangível.
  • Valor de Revenda: Edições limitadas de colecionador podem se tornar itens de colecionador valiosos no futuro.
  • Experiência Aprimorada: Itens adicionais como guias de jogo ou conteúdo bônus podem enriquecer a experiência de jogo.
  • Suporte aos Criadores: Comprar edições de colecionador pode ser uma forma de apoiar os desenvolvedores do jogo, incentivando mais criações.


  • Custo Elevado: Edições de colecionador geralmente são mais caras que as versões padrão, podendo ser inacessíveis para alguns fãs.
  • Foco em Itens Físicos: Para jogadores mais interessados no jogo digital, os itens físicos podem ter menos valor.
  • Impacto Ambiental: A produção de itens físicos tem um impacto ambiental, algo que pode preocupar jogadores conscientes do meio ambiente.
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