How GamStop Users Can Benefit from Video Games?

Gambling as a practice is quite popular all over the world but players with problem gambling tendencies often register themselves under the UKGC’s self-exclusion service – GamStop which prevents players from betting on UKGC registered casinos for a particular period of time which ranges from as little as 6 months to half a decade.

More often than not, some problem players require the support of recreational video games to fill in the void left by recreational gambling. This article lists out video games that have mini-casino options instead of non GamStop ones accessible from NonStopCasino site for self-excluded players.

Video Games and Casino Games

Video Games, which don’t involve any monetary deposits offer the perfect distraction from online casino games. They offer a similar thrill and fun, without putting the player into the perils of addiction and financial losses. These make video games the perfect alternative for players who have been under the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme.

Casino games work in tandem with video games since virtual online casinos came into being. The earliest example of mini-games within casino games is the Final Fantasy series as early as 1987.

The characters and themes of video games are often noticed in casino games such as online slot games which work with an overarching theme and characters which sometimes mimic characters from a video game. Video game characters are legendary which have their own entire fanbase.

Players are attracted to these video games with the prospect of mini-casino characters games included which allows players to play and win exciting bonuses or upgrades within the game.

These mini-games are integrated within the interface of the game and become more famous than the actual video game itself. These mini-games offer small varieties of poker, slots, or roulette as part of the storyline and allows the player to enjoy a slice of reality and rewards before proceeding on within the gameplay.  Some very famous franchises that are essentially video games but provide gambling or casino modes are:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Hailed as one of the greatest gaming stories within a video game, GTA was released by PlayStation in 2004 and has been on every gamer’s “must play” list. This game features a storyline replete with gambling and money-making schemes. The gameplay features the return of the main character who gets to play mini casino games like video poker, slots, and blackjack.

Watch Dogs

The main videogame interface of the Watchdogs series was highly anticipated amongst gamers. But the interface sadly ended up disappointing many of its loyal players with its lower-than-average interface and mundane main character.

Although the mini-games integrated within the gameplay as one of its kind allowing players to enjoy the average interface along with some exciting bonuses which challenged seasoned gamers to try it out.

Fallout Las Vegas

As the name of the video game suggests, this game is set against the background of a post-apocalyptic situation that befalls the city of Las Vegas. The storyline of the game flows with the premise of the casinos of Las Vegas being corrupted and trying to steal the player’s bets.

Players can play different casino games in this simulated online casino like slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. Players get the taste of real-time gambling by using the in-game currency to exchange for casino chips and increasing their chances of winning.

Red Dead Redemption

This video game is a silent bestseller that is renowned for its stunning interface and equally popular mini casino game – Liar’s dice. The mini-casino game is well integrated within the storyline which allows gamers to win little rewards by gambling and win better characters within the game interface.

GamStop users are encouraged to approach this game with caution as it is highly addictive. But players with long hours of casino experience this game poses as a respite from heavy-duty gambling.

Concluding Thoughts

The replacement of video games instead of serious online casino games has shown to help GamStop users to recover significantly faster than a complete ban from recreational gaming. These video games allow GamStop users to hone their skills as well as pass away their time in an exciting manner without the risk of losing a great deal of money and triggering their problem gambling habits.

Mini casino games act as the perfect buffer between serious online casino games which deal with real money and virtual gaming currency while still giving that adrenaline rush gamers enjoy while pursuing online gambling or video games. 

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