Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Tea Party (Correct Answers)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is setting trends in recent weeks and only leaves good feelings in those who are fortunate enough to play this video game. One of the success cards it has is its wide repertoire of functionalities and how different aspects of the story and characters can be customized. We gonna make it easy for you to answer in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses tea party.

As has been the trend of the Fire Emblem, the relationships between the characters play a crucial role in establishing battle synergies. Within this last installment, things are no different and the tea party appears as one of the many opportunities we have to strengthen ties with our comrades.

Correct Answers Tea Time

Of course, depending on how we conduct the conversation, it can have positive or negative effects on the relationship we have with each of the characters. This is why we have taken the trouble to collect all the correct answers for tea time, so that you get the most out of these instances.


  • Topics of conversation: our first meeting, capable comrades, and Fodlan’s future.


  • Conversation topics: a dinner invitation, ways to grow taller, past laughs, someone you admire, and food.


  • Topics of conversation: I’m counting on you, I overcome the weaknesses and the security of the monastery.
  • Final theme: Nod.


  • Conversation topics: gentlemen, potential training partners, thanks for everything … cute monks, things you find romantic.
  • Final theme: Blush.


  • Topics of conversation: maintenance of equipment, working hours for the guards and a strong battalion.
  • Final theme: Don’t laugh.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you and that you get the best results at the Tea Parties. Of course, if you want to review other guides related to this video game, we invite you to review our section especially dedicated to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.



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