Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Maximum Level of your Characters

Much confusion has caused in gaming communities the possible maximum level that can be achieved with the characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The truth is that the complexity of the video game and the multiple attributes that enter the equation, means that no one has a completely clear answer.

However, we have discovered that the maximum level limit is 99 , as it has been in other installments of Fire Emblem. This was confirmed by a Reddit user, who went out to deny a rumor that placed this limit at 50 . He demonstrated through long hours of play that his characters reached level 99, far exceeding 50.

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But be very careful with this. One of the best valued points of this video game is that it has complex gameplay dynamics and that the base level will not be everything on the battlefield. These levels will help you raise basic attributes, but will not improve things like teacher rank .

The latter must be very well taken care of so that your troops improve on the battlefield, for which you must participate in different events and secondary missions within the academy. Regarding this maximum range, it is believed that its highest level is A, although it is not ruled out that an S range may appear.

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As you can see, you have a fairly wide possibility when it comes to leveling up your characters, so you better start training as soon as possible. That are the maximum level for characters in Fire Emblem. Of course, if you want to review other guides related to this video game, we invite you to review our section especially dedicated to Fire Emblem : Three Houses.

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