Fire Emblem Three Houses: Sacred Weapons – Hero Relics Locations

This guide Fire Emblem: Three Houses details all the Hero Relics and Sacred Weapons present in the game. These are essentially very strong armaments associated with different Crest Bearers FE: Three Houses .

In the game, they are broadcast from the Ten Elites and Four Saints of Fodlan . Each of the Hero Relics and Holy Weapons features powerful abilities that can be considered some of the best weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses .

In this FE: Three House Hero Relics and Sacred Weapons locations guide, we have detailed the locations and abilities of these powerful tools.

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Hero Relic Location

First, let’s talk about the different Hero Relics that different Crest bearers use in the game, what effects these Hero Relics have, and most importantly, their location.

Sword of the Creator

You can obtain this Heroic Relic by progressing through the story and completing Chapter 4: Assault in the Rite of Rebirth.

It is used by Byleth and only he can wield his power and his ability to harness Ruptured Heaven. It also provides the wearer with healing when they attack.


Edelgard is the bearer of this relic and allows the bearer of the crest to harness the Raging Storm.


This heroic Heroic Relic is in charge of Dimitri and allows him to use Atrocity.


Claude carries this Hero Relic and allows the Crest Bearer to tap into the Fallen Star.


By default, it is used by Catherine, but it can also be used by Lysithea. She allows them to use Fuodroyant Strike twice when they start combat.


To get this Hero Relic, you must delete the Forgotten Hero Paralog and this Hero Relic will allow you to use beast fangs.

Spear of Ruin

It gives you 22 Mt, 65 Hits, 20 Crit, 1 Rng, 9 Wt, and 20 Dur and by default Miklan uses it, but Sylvian can use it too. To get this, you need to complete Chapter 5: Tower of Black Winds. Allows the wearer to take advantage of Ruined Sky.


Ingrid uses this Hero’s Relic and allows the wearer to use Fire Quake.


You have to clear a Divided World Dialogue to get this. Hilda uses it and allows the bearer to use Apocalyptic Flame.


Annette uses it and allows the wearer to use Powder.


This staff can be obtained by completing the Land of the Golden Deer Battle Dialogue. Increases the effect of magic attacks.

Location of sacred weapons

The next section of the guide details all the Holy Weapons that you can use in FE: Three Houses, their abilities and locations :

Sword of Seiros

The Sword of Seiros allows you to heal for 50% of the damage you deal and also restores HP each turn.

Sword of moralta

It is used by Felix and allows the user to restore HP each turn and its effect increases with the wearer of the crest.

Ax of Ukonvasara

This holy weapon is used by Lorenz. Its special effects are the same as Moralta’s sword.

Arch of Tathlum

Its special effects are also the same as the Sword of Moralta. Your username is unknown.

The inexhaustible

It is used by Bernadetta. Its special effects are the same as Moralta’s sword, plus it also allows the wielder to attack twice.

Spear of Assal

Da 14 Mt, 85 Impacts, 10 Crit, Riding Up, 1 Rng, 9 Wt and 30 Dur. This is a spear and can be obtained by completing Flayn and Seteth’s battle dialogue. Spear damage increased.

Caduceus Staff

Provides +0 Prt, +1 Range, and 1 Wt. This staff is obtained by completing the Battle dialogue of Flayn and Seteth, just like the Spear of Assal. Increases the effect of magic attacks as well.

Begalta sword

This sword can be obtained by completing the Battle Sleeping Sand Legend dialogue. Gives the ability to heal when attacking.

This is all about location of Sacred Weapons and Hero Relics in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

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